Bridezilla's First Aid Kit

Colmar Tropicale

This is our second time visiting Colmar.. 1st time datang ari tu rasa boring n cuaca lak panas so mcm tak ada feel 'france la sangatt...' Alhamdulillah this time cuaca pun sejuk n d night view pun sgt mesmerizing.. Tak banyak activity kat sini.. Those yg dtg sini mostly to relax, to run away from hustle and bustle of cities..

Morning and night view in Colmar's
If only we knew the suite is this big, then we would invite others to come along.. haih.. but it's our family moment- just the 3 of us.. bonding time.. :)

The suite is too big for the 3 of us
bring home Arisara's feet wax.. kenangan Arisara's 4 months in Bkt Tinggi.. sgt cute kaki Arisara time ni k.. esok dia besar bole tgk how big she have grown ;p

Arisara first wax feet art.. 
activity kat sini yg ada -simple fun fair, art shop, games arcade, golf course, and the show.. tak banyak activity kat sini.. i think the purpose is just hang around lepak2 n relax kot..

The show


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