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Iftar- Intekma Resort

Date: 20/8/2011
Venue: Intekma Resort

My Iftar with fellow maybankers yg gila2.. how gile they are can be seen from the pic.. ada 10 kepala.. so time amik gamba mesti ada yang buat spoil.. here are some candid and pic yg tak brape nak jadi.. hehe..
The food is just ok.. (intekma kan..wat to expect?) but the ambiance is nice.. the table is not so close to another.. and you have the option nak makan dlm dewan or by the pool.. n tak lupe juga..ada live performance by Rosma AF..

psstt.. n 1st time gak i makan buffet, table penuh satu meja.. ahaha.. smua gara2 amaran seseorang tuu.. ;p
It's a well spent weekend sambil menunggu ketibaan ari isnin.. ini lah 1st time saya (n all maybankers) tak sabar menunggu monday!! yeayy!!

pic yg dah edit tu credit to Saie.. :)


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