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VAT - Shop shop shop!!!

Kepada a friend yang akan bersuka suki di UK, this is for u.. (puas ati tak?) ;p

VAT tu adalah value added tax- Dekat Europe, harga yang kita bayar tu dah include tax. I guess the tax tu just for resident kot. For foreign visitor like us, we entitle to claim back the VAT refund on the purchases made.

The VAT tax refund is 20% from retail price. Means if u purchase rm1000, the refund u'll get is rm200. haaa terkezut tak? banyak kan? huhu..

To be frank I dah survey a few things I wish to buy - KL prices and UK prices - if dah convert currency tu the price is about the same but VAT refund tu yang akan bagi u save banyak : D (except for those limited edition yg xde kat KL tu k) 

So this is what you need to do

1) Look for VAT refund logo store or terus gi kaunter tanya if they offer VAT refund.

2) If yes, make your purchases and they will give u a form and a receipt.
- Butik yg best, cust service tip top - they will do everything for u , for others, u need to fill up the form yourself ;p

3) Simpan resit n form tu elok2, kalau hilang anggap aje duit u all dah melayang

4) If u travel from Ireland to London then baru balik KL, then the item yg u purchase kat Ireland tu, U kena claim kat London, time nak balik KL nanti.

5) Separate barang2 yang u all beli n nak claim VAT refund dalam hand luggage untuk kastam verified nanti.
Jangan masuk dlm baggage utk kargo k.. takde cop verified kastam means takde refund.

6) lepas dah dapat cop, u all kena lak pegi kaunter Global Tax Free refund office to get your cash back immediately. Instead of cash, u all may opt the following- bank cheque, directly credit to card or transfer money to bank account. I choose to directly credit to card coz if u nak cash on the spot ada xtra charge.. if im not mistaken its about 10 pound.. banyak kot tu.. huhu

Barang2 baby tak boleh claim VAT k, coz mmg dah sgt2 murah.. serius murah!! for e.g, philips avent bottle warmer tu about rm300 here but kat sana only rm150 convert to RM.

My best moment in London city is definitely when I go shop, shop and shop more. People says money can't buy happiness, But money can buy me a flight ticket, a handbag, my baby fine clothing that makes me happy.. so money does makes me happy!! ;p 




Life is short, ingat tuhan, enjoy your life, u'll b the happiest person on earth!


  1. i follow you...

  2. me follow u too...
    hope to hear more story from Europe


  3. kunjungan hangat.. kunjung balik ya. jangan lupa follownya.. :D

  4. tq tq tq :D yang baik.. ada anak ni susah skit nk update slalu.. hikhik.. hugs!

  5. wah~ bestnye jenjalan kat sana..

    p/s:dah follow awk jugak~ :)

  6. thanks yana.. :) memang sgt best jalan kat sana!! ;D

  7. whoaa bestnya dapat pegi sana..
    i wish one day dapat pegi holiday kat sana! :D
    nice info sharing..:D

  8. ahaha.. menabung dari skarang k.. :D

  9. wakaka staun skali jer erma.. ;p

  10. hahahahaha... soping sakan nampak...
    Teman pun dah follow awak

  11. waaaaa best nyer... anyway kiut la baby akak nie...

  12. izni: soping sakan setaun sekali takpe.. ahaha tq..
    eema : tq ema.. mcm mama dia tak? hikhik


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