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Lovelife- Golfing with Hubs

In order to strive for work-life balance, we adopt a healthy lifestyle by being active in sports.. this is including golf, xbox kinect, and window shopping marathon ;p

Haha.. I enjoy my husband company and i'm sure he also love being around me.. He would do anything to make sure me enjoy golfing.. He always emphasize that as a family we should do things together to foster stronger bond among us. 

To encourage me playing golf, He bought me pink color golf set..hehe..set golf tu dia belikan about 2 years ago.. Then I was preggy with Sara.. So the set remain untouched, plastic pun tak bukak lagi.. ;p I think just pakai iron 7 and iron 8 je kot.. tu pun kat driving range je.. heh..

First 3 hole is not bad, bogey and double bogey.. masuk 4th hole tu dah start penat and tak focus.. Golfing ni addicted laa.. macam nak gi lagi.. Tunggu hubs balik offshore.. then boleh gi course lagi.. : D

I thought macam nak share term2 golfing ni.. mesti u all rasa mcm.. 'alaa kalau takde info jgn post laa..' haha sooo sorry.. tapi Sara lak mcm meragam je ni..tengah demam.. gigi atas baru tumbuh ;p hmm.. maybe next post k.. or later I just add note je kat post ni..

It was a memorable and fun-filled time for us husband and wife.. Looking forward for more activities with him :)

Happy weekend U all!! 


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