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Fraser's Hill


I think I better update my Fraser’s Hill getaway before it became obsolete.  The facts that my head is cracking plus the nausea does not stopping me from blogging.  I just need to struggle with these symptoms for another month (I wish!). 

En route for Fraser’s Hill I tell you is quite challenging.  Not only the narrow spiral road, but the mist limited your eyesight.  The good thing is we are free to go up or down at anytime.  

The morning sickness plus the motion sickness.. Can you just imagine how torturing it is?! The 20 km spiral road is like taking forever! The torture comes to an end when we reach our beautiful Maybank Lodge.  
As a Maybankers we are entitle for Maybank group holiday benefits.  With only RM20 per stay, the lodge is ours for the next 3 days 2 nights. I fall in love with this colonial bungalow, with 4 huge bedrooms, and each bedroom has their own bathroom with tub and the exit to balcony with beautiful garden view.  

Not much to do in Fraser’s Hill. We just enjoying the nature and breathe in fresh air. We wish to break away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Arisara’s seems enjoying herself in Fraser’s Hill very much. Run freely in a green grass, plucking beautiful flowers, chasing colorful birds, and watching beautiful butterflies.



We dine in this stunning restaurant called The Smokehouse. The old colonial building was decorated in old English style, with white cast iron furniture in their breathtaking scenery garden. The dinner is quite expensive I must say, and the food is just okay.. I expect more with the price that I pay.  I can see Trip Advisor’s sticker here.. The services must be very good.. Indeed..From the moment we entered the restaurant, until the serving time, we are treated with nothing but warm hospitality.

Got to go to work now..
Thank you for reading :)


  1. da lama mengidam nk g ke FH tp apakan daya...

  2. nurul.. dgn mybnk lg eh? lmpat msk stan chart la.. bebudak mybnk cnfrm dpt msk. demand gj smpai 4k. ada vacant me!!

  3. @KhaiRin : anies kenapa khairin? hihi tapi tak bnyak bnda pun bole buat kat sana..

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @rai yup stil wif mbb.. :) ala 4k not worth it laa. huhu.. my fren yg lmpat bnk lain smua regret.. benefit mbb, bnk lain xle lwn.lgpun if i jump bnk lain, that bnk kna byr 20k kat mbb huhu i dun tink i can jump2 kot..tq babe :)

  6. Seronoknya dpt jln2 kt Fraser Hill,comel betul Arisara <3 gerammm :3

  7. my husband dh byk kali smpai yana belum jugak smpai.. T__T

    1. fh tu mcm xde apa sgt sbnrnye.. kalau yana blum gi colmar bkt tnggi i tink beter yana gi colmar dulu huhu lg best! ;-)


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