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Alhamdulillah :)

Hey it’s July already! We have a new task, new job descriptions, but still doing our mundane task plus the new implementation of process improvement .This means more meetings and more briefings. I am so excited with this new task. Hopefully I can be home on time to break fasting with my family.

Today… I’m all smiling from ear to ear!! People might think ‘Nurul have gone crazy, smiling for no reasons’ hihi.I just want to share how I felt, I am on cloud nine. I feel appreciated. I feel rewarded. Now I’m satisfied. 

There are so many good things happening while carrying this small soul inside of me. I never expect to get promoted today.  Seriously, it never crosses in my mind to get any promotions. This morning as usual, I went breakfast with Fida and I confided to her how much I want to quit my job and stays at home. I really think I belong with my children. I should be at home, preparing their meals.  Okay, enough with the complaints. Let’s start to work.

Its 8.45 am, I am already in front of my pc. I started my day with checking e-mails when suddenly I heard a knocked on my door.  Its Kak Mimi with serious face, ‘Nurul boss nak jumpa’ it’s sooo unlike her, so I thought there’s something wrong.  I tried to figure out what I have done. Couldn’t think one.. Gosh!! Boss looked so serious too! I can see something in his hands, like a letter or something. He handed me the letter and says’ Congrats you got promoted’.. Alhamdulillah!! I really don’t see this coming! 

Getting promoted means there will be an increment and salary adjustment. Out of the blue, I imagining me with Channel bag on my shoulder.. *Big Slap* Ouch!! Haha.. Hub is among the first to know but he doesn’t sounds excited though. I think his plan and dreams to make me a housewife has faded now.. Fida starts to be sarcastic, asked me if I still ever thinking to quit my job? .. At this moments my answer will be no. I love my job, I love Maybank and I love my boss! (dan dan jer  kan?) 

Yes to my dear friends, I will definitely celebrate this with you girls.. You know who you are.. Ketam gemuk wait for us! ;D

Be happy!! Keep smiling and all the good things will comes to you!



  1. tahniah sis..alhamdulillah. rezeki anak2 :)

    1. betul tu yana.. rezeki baby nih.. huhu.. tq

  2. tahniah! senyum lebar lettewwww ;-)

    1. haha melebar sangat dah nii kak anies.. :-P

  3. Replies
    1. hi azian.. thanks for reading.. tq :-)


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