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Iftar Ramadhan 1433

Assalamualaikum.. Hello Maybankers! Sleep well last night? Haha.. I wake up early this morning just to check on my bank account. Well, we heard some news that Maybank is giving RM1k ex-gratia to all of us for duit raya. The union has already confirmed it last Friday but no such amount credited to my account.. yet :( So now that Sara and hubs are still asleep, I have no better things to do so here I am updating my blog.

Iftar- Concorde KL

Hubs received a few invitations for iftar and we had to turned down most of the invitations for various reason. I am very sure his boss was like 'yeah.. another excuses..' haha So last Friday hub told me by hook or by crook we must attend the iftar. For the sake of showing our faces there at least once. The iftar was held in Concorde KL. It's really quick one, by 8pm we takes our turn for Maghrib prayer then by 8.30pm we already waved good bye. My hub is the only one who brings family (of course apart of his boss) and his boss like 'bawak Daya' to whatever event they have. So yeah every time we will always be the only family attending the event.. I love the buffet very much. There are not much choices, but each foods there were scrumptious. From Malay to western foods, its marvellous. I've been to a place where there are plenty of foods to choose from but none really taste that yummy. The quality and the taste of the food is what matters to me. My tummy is happy and satisfied with the food!

Iftar with besties- Bangkok Beat Bistro

Finally we managed to find time for iftar! You don't know how difficult to make sure each of us available on that particular time and date just to catch up and makan. Apparently we are too busy with our career and personal life. The break fast was on Mun, she just got promoted to managerial level in Scope Int, so its her treat! Did I ever congrats you Mun? I am so proud of you, you deserved it :). Looking back how far we have come really makes me proud. Alhamdulillah, all of us doing well in our personal life and career. I think we start on the right foot in life. I can see a promising beginning for all of us. Life should not be stagnant. I wonder who and where we will be at 30?


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