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How to get your own plate number.

XXF 412X
My husband always wishes to have his name on his car’s plate number. F412 resembles his name FAIZ. So when we went to KIA the other day to pay for our booking, the agent helps us to check on the current running number in JPJ. XXE is in the running and soon will be XXF.
Since we wished to use and utilize the car by November, we had to book for our desired plate number first (or else we will miss the number).  The agent insists us to use their runner services to help us booked for the number costing at RM500. She explained to us the procedure on how to book the number and she makes it sounds difficult and hassles.
She knew how much this number means to him, she pushed him so hard, desperately tried to get that RM500 out from his pocket.  We told her that we would like to think about it first and will let her know if we need to use the runner for the booking.
After doing some reading, we went to JPJ ourselves, and booked for the desired number at only RM310.
Here is a simple guide for you who wish to book for your own plate number.
1)      Check the current running number in JPJ website
2)      Bring your I/C  and copy of I/C
3)      Fill up the form
4)      If your number is in the running, you have to get the number and queue for your turn
5)      RM210 will be charged for the running number
6)      If the number you sought after was not listed as running number, you don’t have to queue but directly go and see the ‘pengarah jpj’ there. (like our case)
7)      RM310 will be charged for that.
8)      Provide the proof of purchase to the sales agent.
9)      Enjoy and you save yourself a RM190!
The procedure was so easy; it only takes us about half an hour to get everything’s done. I noticed that we are the only individual who bought the number ourselves, the rest all are the runner. I wonder if 1 runner charges each buyer at about RM500 (with net profit of RM190-RM290 each), Let say they have about 10 buyers per day, they can easily makes about 2k per day, in less than an hour. Waaaa…. How much is their earnings in a month? *drooling*
Anybody considering to quit the job and became a freelance runner? ;p
Well..I hope this info helps!
Thanks for reading! : )


  1. sy dulu kena byr almost rm400 sbb no plate idaman hati belum smpi turn nyer.. hehehe tp nk punya psl.. byr je la

  2. just went to JPJ this morning and got a somewhat nice number for RM310. It's a future number though, one which i saw from the book/list on the pengarah's table. Very very easy way to get a nice number. In my case, I'm satisfied with the number "180" which i purchased by going to JPJ myself instead of utilizing the runners.


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