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The Real Man

‘A real women can do it all by herself... but a real man won’t let her ’.
I just love this quote very much! How true is that? Looking back at the chronicles of our lives, I knew I had a real man walking by my side, holding my hand tight, and stand right behind my back. He is my husband, my advisor, my gauge, and my best friend.
Like a cliché love story, we are falling in love at first sight. We gone through all the phase of life together from courting, dating (+ studying), engaged (+working), and married (+parenting). It is not always a jovial and full of beans path for us, we also had our ups and down, some rough and bumpy ride but we learned a lot from each other and I guess that is what makes our love goes stronger.
It is not about the expensive gift, fine dining or a bouquet of flowers that touched my heart. I was and still am touched with the way he display his love and affections in his very own way, the way he shows how important I am in his life without saying a words, and how he understand and support me all the way up to now.
I remembered..
He will stay awake until 6 in the morning just to keep me company while doing my assignment or doing last minute revision before my final exam at mamak’s. At 7 am he will send me to my hostel and waited for me to get ready for my exam. He will take me to the exam hall after that and have his short sleep while waiting for me to finished the exam.
That was 9 years ago. Most people said that men will only shows their true colours when they are married. I guess I saw every part of him now, he shows me his true colours in every angle and I find it more attractive and alluring than ever.
The workaholic
My husband is a workaholic. He is passionate with his job, and never takes MC. He always shares with me his excitements with his current individual project. This project is so important to him. I can see he is validating his capability and experience from the success/failure of this project. This project required him to go to all platforms. When Arisara was admitted and he chooses to be with us instead of continuing working on his project in offshore, I know that no matter what, we are always his priority.
The wonderful Papa
He gone to offshore for 10 days, and came back only for 2 days to conduct a meeting for his project and were scheduled to offshore again for another 10 days. We had a very short period and very limited time to get everything’s done before he went to offshore again, grocery shopping, my pregnancy check up, meeting the car dealer and so on. I already set the doc’s appointment. Apparently the date and time was clattered with his meeting.
He is working from home the night before to prepare for the meeting and only went to sleep at 5am. Aware how important this meeting to him, I assured him that I can go for the check up by myself.  As usual, and as expected, he cancelled his meeting just to say hi to baby Noah. He told me he never wants to missed any of this; to see how our baby grows brings joy to him.  It’s too precious to let go.
The family guy
He seriously craved for superbike. He has this dreams how we ride to Penang for Nasi Kandar and to Melaka for assam Pedas. I told him I don’t see that is possible now, maybe another 15 years when our kids are big enough to take care of themselves.
However it’s up to him if he wishes to get himself a bike, I really don’t mind. But he chooses to get us a bigger car instead.
The great partner
I am pregnant and it is so relieved when he became very sensitive to my needs and how my body is changing. How hormonal and moody I can be.  How he keep his cool when I get so emotional and nothing is good enough and everything is his fault.
I guess he understands how exhausted it is carrying 50 pounds in your tummy so he will always chip in with house chores and taking care of Sara. He will let me take a break and asked Sara to ‘let Mama sleep’. He even takes turn to prepare for dinner.
The best friend
I am his golf buddy. I am also his x-box partner. He wants me to participate in his life. He enjoys my interest too. He is my spa partner, and we always went for facial and get our pedicure and manicure done together. He is a great shopping advisor and we loved to spend our time in reflexology parlour.

I think the real man is someone who can be the workaholic, family guy, great lover, wonderful papa and a good Muslim, all at one time.  Don’t you agree with me?
I can go on and write another 10 pages on how I felt towards my husband and how lucky I am when he chooses me to be his wife and a mother to his kids. . It is so moving to see how he sacrificed himself and time for us. I really hope the kids would see him the way I see him right now. He is not only a great husband but he is a wonderful father to our children..
After all he is a real man to us.. We love you Papa..


  1. lucky kamu ni.. hehe.. just ingat yang perempuan baik untuk lelaki yang baik begitulah sebaliknya.. jadi kalau kamu rasa bertuah miliki dia percayalah dia juga bertuah memiliki kamu.. thanks for your quick reply on dulang hantaran tu ye.. ;)

  2. I love you, Sara n our future baby boy Noah...


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