Bridezilla's First Aid Kit

When my husband falling in love again...

He is in love again, he said. I am staring at him in disbelief. He asked for my permission. I can see his sparkling eyes as he mentioned her to me. It’s been a long time since I saw him so excited and agitated like this. I am speechless, a bit jealous. I told him to make his own decisions. He said he won’t.  He wants my blessing, he want to bring me to meet her.
I just can’t say no. He knew I won’t say no to him. I said ‘okay, let me see her first’. I give him my conditions. If he really wants her, he has to wait at least until October or November. I want a peace of mind carrying our baby. He has to promise us that he will treat us fairly. He has to ensure his financial status is strong enough to keep both of us.
We went to see her soon after that. She looks so mighty fine. ‘Exquisite!’ I whispered. I silently admire and worship her. No wonder he kept dreaming of her every single night and can’t stop talking about her.  We spoke to her caretaker, agreed on the date, October it is. I can see how he stared at her and smiling. I can’t help but to envy her.  The caretaker asked for 15k, but suddenly he offered 21k for her. I can see how important she is to him now. I can see how he wants her badly.
She is a Korean but it doesn’t look like one. She doesn’t look like Japanese either. If it’s not because of her name, no one will ever guess it right. I think I should agree on this. I have to take the fact that my husband has falling in love again. He is falling in love with…
 Miss Kia Optima…
Tsk Tsk…
: (


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