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29 Things I love About You

My husband turns 29th yesterday (16th Oct 2012).

Nothing fancy, nothing lavish. We don't have any big or grand celebrations for him. No cake, no candles. Just a humble family dinner in Kenny Rogers (don't ask me why, it's his pick and my treat) and we snapped some family portrait for our keep sake memories.   I really have no idea what to buy for him. Knowing him, he is not really into gifts and presents. So I thought let's do something that can touched his heart (and his tummy). So I woke up very early this morning (around 5 am) just to cook him a nice hot nasi lemak for him to tapau to work.  


I started to think it is a great idea. I could see he loves me more (than usual) this morning and appreciates my effort to make his birthday special. It is tiring but to see his expressions is just beyond price.. Yes! I am one happy wife!   Happy Birthday sayang!   So.. On his birthday he proposed to buy his dream super bike. How could I say no on his Birthday? We just bought a new car for him, and we are waiting for my new car 2013 model to be released, and right now a bike? Too much spending don't you think so? But when I come to think about it, I really think he deserves it. He should be rewarded for all his hard work. We deserve it. He deserves his superbike, I deserve my sport car and our kids deserve a comfortable car. We already have a few investments. Let's just slow down and enjoy life. A little bit of luxury is sometimes necessary I think.  


So my dear sayang, I don't want to sound cliché but on your 29th Birthday,

I list down   29 things I love about you (and don't you ever change)

1.        Love it when you would find the same color to wear to match with mine.
2.        Love it when you hold my hand when we are walking. And how you put your arms around me.
3.        Love it when you don't mind holding my bag when we went out for shopping.<And all my shopping bags>.
4.        Love it when we cuddle up in bed watching Barney with little Sara<And hoping Sara will sleep in her own bed.>
5.        Love it when you help me doing house chores without me have to asked. <And bragging about it like I didn't saw it>.
6.        Love your cooking.. You are a good cook.
7.        Love it when you read 'Peter & Jane' for Sara. <With your expressions>.
8.        Love to watch you beat your friends on x-box. <And make that proud face and (inaudible) expressions when you won>.
9.        Love it when you tried to teach me how to play FIFA and never give up.<You know me never good in this>.
10.        Love it when you go out in the middle of the night just for my cough medicine.
11.        Love it when you say you already late for work but still queuing in McD to buy me breakfast.
12.         Love it when you treat me the same no matter where we are and who we with.
13.        Love it when you get along very well with my family and friends.
14.        Love it when you help me being rationale when I get so emotional.
15.        Love that you are optimistic towards life.
16.        Love that you never get mad with me. <And never say NO to me. You are always my YES man>.
17.        Love it when you let me choose the color of your favorite car, the hotel room, the 'everything'.
18.        Love it when you install GPS in my phone so I don't get lost.
19.        Love it when we shared stories and secrets. <And laughed about it>
20.        Love the way you hug and kiss me.
21.        Love it when you listed all type of sports car for me to choose. < And yet I still want the Forte Koup>.
22.        Love it when you kiss our foreheads before we went to sleep. <And hate it when we sleep before you>.
23.        Love it when you make jokes and funny facial expression. You make me laugh like no one else.
24.        Love it when you never question how I spend our money. <And still trusting me with our funds>.
25.        Love it when you never miss to say 'I love you' every single day. <And I know you really mean it>
26.        Love it when you tell me how pretty I am when I look like a mess.
27.        Love it when you always want to spend time with us and will take us with you whenever you are away for outstation.
28.         Love to see how passionate you are with your work. And you motivate me to work harder.
29.        Love almost everything about you, especially your looks. You are one handsome guy to me. <And this is my unbiased opinion>.  

Frankly speaking,  

You mean the world to me
I deeply do love you,



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