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Assalamualaikum my dear friends..

This month is a very special month to us. October is when both of us get older and wiser, it’s also our anniversary month (3 years great together!) and we also celebrated Aidiladha this month! Phew!! What a month!


When I was 10 years old, I was so happy because my dad allowed me to go to the mosque to see the cow slaughtered with my friends. We giggle a lot until we saw the helpless cow was slaughtered. I guess we are too young to see the sharp knife, the ‘poor cow’, and the blood. That was the first and last time I’ve been to the mosque during Aidiladha. It’s upsetting me.

So when Ibu told us Atuk is going to slaughter the cow for qurban at the back of his house, I am so excited. It’s been a while since I have this Raya feeling. I told hubby that I am not going to see how it’s done, but I want to see the whole process after the slaughtering part.


Ibu cooked a scrumptious gearbox soup for us. Yes, it’s one lip smacking dish but not that healthy.. haha I guess eating this once a year should be okay.

I choose not to post these pictures in FB, I just think these pictures can be unsettling to my Hindu friends. So let me just share it here okay..  

Turns 27

Age is just a number, but the number will determine how well you did in life. Small number, big achievement is something you can be proud of. I hope I can achieve more before I turns 28, that is my wish before munching my 1 piece birthday cheese cake bought by my husband.. heh ;p


So the day before my birthday, hubs take me to KIA so I can look closer at my dream car. I told him I am very sure this is the one. Very sure!. I want a car with moon roof, frame-less windows and 2 doors off course.  The manager in KIA gives us a good discount since we also take optima from him. Now I can’t wait to give birth to Noah!


For my birthday present, husband bought me a set of beautiful engraved copper trays to add up to my trays collection. I thought he never really care with my small business but apparently he told me he can see how well I am doing and he will support me no matter what. *touched* . He even gives me some ideas on how to decorate the trays and what we should have next in line. 


My brother came to my house today, and he bought my favorite perfume for my birthday! Gucci Flora is my favorite after Issey Miyake. I love you Along! So thoughtful of you.. I love it<and it makes my dressing table look nicer too>.. : D

And off course not to forget all the birthday wishes from my family and friends.. Your wishes just make my day!! 

It is an awesome year for us indeed. Looking forward what 2014 will bring for us! :)


  1. Happy Birthday sis! ^__^
    May Allah bless u always, and live happily ever after..

    P/S: It feel good to know how people around us do care for us kann :))

  2. love the favourite too !!


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