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The Best Worst Week

It’s already 7am and I am still in front of my lap top. Monday strikes again! And I don’t get to enjoy my weekend very much (Keep on reading and you will know why) . I am still not recovering from my lower back muscle pain yet, and I am very sure Doc Wee is more than happy to issue me the MC sheet. Aaahhh…I wish to cuddle up with little Sara in bed right now!. But thinking of the workloads and the approaching dateline, I better go to work now!
My work is pending for a week now .Last week is the most wasteful and <stressful>week for us (Thanks to the system issue and power failure).. And on Friday, My team mate Kak Farah lost her father after a week her mother’s gone. It is shocking news indeed. Losing both parent within a week?. So we seek for boss approval to visit Sist Farah. The whole team is going, we convoying to Senawang to give some support to her. I personally would like to express my sincere condolences to Sist Farah for her loss, Al-Fatihah.


So on Saturday I thought of going to office to maximize my paycheck   finished my entire task. Alas, I have to cancel because there is surprise belated birthday party for hubby at ibu’s house. It is a birthday traditions for my in-laws family to celebrate with cake and candles.

Sara was so <and still> excited with her Peter and Jane series. And we are very impressed and proud when she can point correctly at ‘the dog’, ‘the toys’, ‘the shop’, ‘the tree’, ‘Peter’, ‘Jane’, and ‘the ball’ <clap clap> At her age <1 year and 6 months> We don’t expect her to read the book, enough with her capability of identifying  the object in the book. Now that she has completed her 1a, let’s move on to book 1b shall we?!.
Later that night, Hafiz and his wife Sarah come to our house because hubby makes some arrangement to upgrade our insurance policy. I know I am not being a good host that night; I have to excuse myself to go to bed earlier, I am not well. I had a whooping cough for the past 3 weeks and I started having pain in my lower back. The muscle strain is worsening each day but I am just too lazy to see the Doctor. Until that night, I started to feel the pain every time I took a breath.
At 3am I feel the sharp pain at my lower back and I can’t move my body. It feels like something is broken, maybe a bone fractured, or just a pulled muscle..I don’t know. I must be paralyzed! That is what I thought.. The pain is just unbearable. So I scream for my hubby and we rushed to DEMC that instant.
The Doctor look so calmed when I (half hysterical in pain) and he told me since I am pregnant he can’t perform any x-ray. He told me it’s probably just a pulled muscle, and gives me a painkiller and a cream. That’s it!. He assured me that I will be okay in a few days. So I was like.. What?? I am in pain and feels like dying here and this is your advice to me???!!
So I told myself, just because I didn’t hear what I expect to hear doesn’t makes the Doctor wrong or lazy. I don’t want to be what Malay called ‘bodoh sombong’. He is the Doctor. He should know better than me. If he said everything is okay means everything’s will be okay. If in a few days if I don’t get any better I will go somewhere else for second opinion. I don’t want to bark at the wrong tree. Barking like you know it all but in the end to find out that the Doctor was right is just humiliating. Studying Chemistry and Biology for my SPM doesn’t makes me a Doctor or any cleverer. And the Doctor was right, I am feeling better now. Alhamdulillah.
We went to Emak house that morning. Arriving at 4am, we need to make several phone calls to wake them up and open the door for us. We need Adik’s assistance to send hubby to airport at 8.30am that morning. He is going to offshore <He wants to cancel his trip-but I insist him going>.I don’t think I can drive him there.

My first brother who is currently working in Dubai is back for Aidiladha. I miss him so much! And it’s been a while since I met my nieces and nephew. He gets Hard Rock t-shirt for everyone but for me, he bought a Hard Rock fridge magnets! I love it! We had our breakfast together before hubby went to airport.
My brother currently has the project with Carigali Petronas, so he and my hubby talk about works a lot. It is nice to see how they speak the same language so I just sit quietly enjoying my nasi lemak <Boring!>

That is 1 hectic weekend, and here we are, facing the brutal Monday once again.


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