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Noah's Birth Date

While most mothers talk about the doom and gloom of Caesarean birth and praying hard for having their babies vaginally, I choose for giving birth to Noah through Caesarian.
I had a Caesar in April 2011 with my first daughter, Arisara, and I had a truly wonderful experience. I walk in to Operational Theatre, lying down, feeling numb on my lower body part, while my husband holding my hand tight, we talk and he makes his jokes with his funny face, and we laughed a lot while waiting for the doctor to finish her job. My husband took a picture of me, pain-free and happy face, feeling excited and looking forward to hold our first baby angel. Both of us were excited and burst with happy tears when we heard she cried for the first time.
Until now when I look at my baby girl, I always told her, dear Sara, you are the sweetest thing happening in my life and thank you for making it easier and beautiful experience for mama. You caused me 0 traumas.
 If you ask me how is the contractions, the pushing, or the stretching like.. Well to be honest, I have no idea! I know some of you may read this and started to label me already. Hihi..We just can’t stop Mak Jah from talking aren’t we? So, to all Caesarean mothers, let’s ignore those staggering and negative comments okay.
So we had our appointment with our gynae yesterday, and we told her that we wish to go for Caesarean birth. After some discussion we have decided to give birth to Noah on 7th December 2012, Insha’Allah. Doc Seri suggested a very unique date which is on 12th Dec 2012, but we prefer our favorite number, 7 it is. Plus Arisara was born on 7th April; number 7 is quite significant and charming number to our family.
The best thing of determining your labor date is you can starts planning your life ahead. After pin in Noah’s birth date, my husband starts to check on his offshore trips, while I start to check on my appointment with pamabearlilangel rental customers <and to make some arrangements where necessary> and to complete my BPI and pending work at office, and we already started to arrange the itinerary for our Japan trip <and Jakarta-Bandung too> and to book for hotels, Japan rail and theme park tickets. Oh not to forget, visa application too! Pheww.. That’s a lot of works!
So it is less than a month now until I give birth to Noah. We have decided to name him Noah Iskandar Bin Muhammad Faiz. Of course we have very high expectations from our baby boy. Not to worry baby Noah, just be healthy and the rest Insha’Allah we will guide and shape you to be one great guy just like your Papa!
So my dear friends, wish me all the best and pray for me and Noah okay.. : )
To all mothers who choose to endure the birth pains, well you deserve a pat on the back. *Clap,Clap*


  1. Owh WoW! Good luck and May you and Noah be safe after delivering and also congratulations :D.InsyaAllah

  2. 12.12.12 la cool.. haha lawak la part u sound MJ tu. Adeh dia tu org lain punye marriage affairs n problems pun leh jd interesting topic kat dia.. pelik gile.. maybe she dont have nothing interesting going on in her life if dia mind your biznes tu obviously la dia jelez kat u hahaha.. ok vote for 12.12.12!

  3. ops! correction k-*maybe she have nothing interesting going on in her life kot*


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