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Cukur Jambul , Aqiqah & Circumcision

Salam my dear friends,

We are waiting for our second baby soon, my feet started to swollen, and I am having this pelvic girdle pain. Thank God I already started my home rest now.

We have about 2 weeks time to think and decide when to have Cukur Jambul and Aqiqah for Noah. My dad told us to make it on his 7th day as per sunnah. But to be honest, with me in C-sect, and most probably will stays in hospital for that first 7 days, I don’t think it is possible. 

To be honest I prefer to do the Aqiqah on Noah’s 1st birthday. Just the way we did for Sara. More organized and prepared. I guess on his 7th day we can do a small ceremony (or no ceremony at all) for the cukur jambul. From my reading, there are opinions says that the cukur jambul must be done on their 7th day, while the aqiqah can be done at any time before their aqil baligh, of course the sooner the better (please correct me if I am wrong).

And another big question mark is whether to do circumcision for Noah on the day he is born or not? Most told us to wait until he is big enough. He should feel the pain that marking him to enter the world of adulthood. Hmm.. But if referred to what I have read, Nabi Muhammad performed the Aqiqah and circumcised his grandsons, Hassan and Hussein on their 7th day.  Some even told us it would be easier to do this minor operation on a baby. I guess I will need to seek advice from Doc Seri and if it’s possible for her to do circumcision for Noah. (Doc Seri must think I am very demanding- asked to remove my colloid and do mini tummy tuck some more!).. ;p

I learned that become a parents is not only nurturing, protecting, and providing the children. We are also responsible to perform our obligation as a parent to Allah. Aqiqah must be carry out once we had been bestowed having a newborn. I look it as an expression of our gratitude and Syukur.

I remind myself not to put anything else above these obligations. Especially now we have the power of 0% installments from credit card, we tend to focus and distracted by something that can be bought by this magical card. We are mere human, we have a propensity to concentrate on something less important but easy to acquire. So we told ourselves to focus on what is more important now. Since baby boy required 2 sheep to be sacrificed, I guess we should start saving from now. 



  1. Haa betul lah tu Nurul.. first of first kena buat obligation as a parent.. zaman skarang kan anak perempuan pun ada yg tak tau kena sunatkan tau tak.. dunia dah akhir zaman, ramai yg lupa n tak tau smua ni. beli toys ribu2 utk anak tapi lupa kewajipan kat Allah. Aqiqah tu wajib bg yg mampu, cukur jambul setau i mmg kena buat hari ketujuh kalau boleh buat aqiqah n sunatkan skali.. tapi if u nak buat umur noah setahun ok je.. asal buat dari tak buat betul tak..

  2. betul betul betul :) .... bagi anda yg berada di jakarta yg mau beraqiqah bisa hub kami 02132506747


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