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Pink And Gold Theme- Dr Sham & Liana Project

Salam dear readers,

Just to update you on our latest project, for Sham & Liana’s hantaran. Sham requested for pink and gold theme with square lace trays. So I hope he will love it. Despite of some problems with the florist, we manage to get it done. The color that we ordered is not available, and they have some unforeseen problems with their shipping and a few other excuses. So we choose not to put the blame on anyone but to find the best solutions and to focus on what is more important.

I am thrilled when I received a message from Miss Khairiyah today. She is a reporter from Kosmo, and she wants to interview me for Wanita Dan Kerjaya column. I was so happy and I instantly say yes without doing any thinking. I thought this is good for the business. It is one great opportunity and a channel for me to promote Pamabearlilangel Rental Services. Unfortunately, I was bound by the rules and regulations. I can’t talk about my job or my business in public, especially in the news paper! *sigh* Dear Ms Khairiyah, It was a tempting offer, but I guess I'll have to pass on this one. Tsk Tsk..

Okay, to my dear brides and grooms to be, this is our latest project for Dr.Sham and Liana..
He chooses square lace trays, luxury gold collection accessories, and fresh flowers with gold and pink theme.

Sireh Junjung

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Much Love!!


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