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Assalamualaikum my dear friends..

This month is a very special month to us. October is when both of us get older and wiser, it’s also our anniversary month (3 years great together!) and we also celebrated Aidiladha this month! Phew!! What a month!


When I was 10 years old, I was so happy because my dad allowed me to go to the mosque to see the cow slaughtered with my friends. We giggle a lot until we saw the helpless cow was slaughtered. I guess we are too young to see the sharp knife, the ‘poor cow’, and the blood. That was the first and last time I’ve been to the mosque during Aidiladha. It’s upsetting me.

So when Ibu told us Atuk is going to slaughter the cow for qurban at the back of his house, I am so excited. It’s been a while since I have this Raya feeling. I told hubby that I am not going to see how it’s done, but I want to see the whole process after the slaughtering part.


Ibu cooked a scrumptious gearbox soup for us. Yes, it’s one lip smacking dish but not that healthy.. haha I guess eating this once a year should be okay.

I choose not to post these pictures in FB, I just think these pictures can be unsettling to my Hindu friends. So let me just share it here okay..  

Turns 27

Age is just a number, but the number will determine how well you did in life. Small number, big achievement is something you can be proud of. I hope I can achieve more before I turns 28, that is my wish before munching my 1 piece birthday cheese cake bought by my husband.. heh ;p


So the day before my birthday, hubs take me to KIA so I can look closer at my dream car. I told him I am very sure this is the one. Very sure!. I want a car with moon roof, frame-less windows and 2 doors off course.  The manager in KIA gives us a good discount since we also take optima from him. Now I can’t wait to give birth to Noah!


For my birthday present, husband bought me a set of beautiful engraved copper trays to add up to my trays collection. I thought he never really care with my small business but apparently he told me he can see how well I am doing and he will support me no matter what. *touched* . He even gives me some ideas on how to decorate the trays and what we should have next in line. 


My brother came to my house today, and he bought my favorite perfume for my birthday! Gucci Flora is my favorite after Issey Miyake. I love you Along! So thoughtful of you.. I love it<and it makes my dressing table look nicer too>.. : D

And off course not to forget all the birthday wishes from my family and friends.. Your wishes just make my day!! 

It is an awesome year for us indeed. Looking forward what 2014 will bring for us! :)
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Dulang hantaran cantik n murah utk kamu sewa!!!!!!!- Exclusive Crafted Copper Trays

Assalamualaikum beautiful people!

This is the latest Pamabearlilangel trays collections for our bride/groom-to-be. If you prefer to have a classic and traditional wedding, these trays are just perfect for you!

These elegant trays were made of copper, and engraved with beautiful Persian design. You may cover the trays with transparent sheer cover, or no cover at all to show off the beautiful engraved pedestal.

If you are looking for something traditional yet exclusive, these trays are meant for you!

Exclusive Copper Trays

Diameter 28cm
Height 17cm

Color Silver
Material Tembaga

RM25 each (Sewa Sahaja)

Available 9pcs
Min Rentals 5pcs

The closed-up

Some ideas for our beautiful bride-to-be

Add On

Alas Dulang - White

White alas dulang with silver beads. All 10 pcs available for rent.Normal : RM 5 per pc.
Rent this with our Dulang at only RM3 each.

Alas Dulang Blue

Sweet blue alas dulang with sky blue beadings. All 10 pcs available for rent now. RM 5 per pc. Rent this with our Dulang at only RM3 each.

Add On Accessory

Check out our Nickle collections:

Hurry!! Book your date with us today 

For inquiries Watsapp Nurul at 0123246465 k :)

Make your day memorable with these exquisite trays. All 9 pcs are available for rent now!!

Hugs! :)

B y P a m a b e a r l i l a n g e l s

1. All rentals are for six days use.

2. All rentals must be secured by a 50% deposit at a time of booking. *Except for decorations- required 100% deposit.

a. The deposit will be refunded once the items returned in a good condition.

3. The balance of the payment is due on the day of collection. An acceptable method of payment is via cash only.

4. There will be no return on deposits for bookings cancelled.

5. Pickup & Returns are made at Sec 8 Shah Alam unless otherwise arranged. Additional charges will apply for other delivery and/or pickup instructions. Delivery charges vary based on geographical area.

6. Customer shall use all property in a careful and proper manner, customer shall return the property in the same condition and good repair as when received. Customer hereby assumes all risk of loss and damage to the property from any cause whatsoever.

7. In the event rental property is not returned, or is returned in a broken or otherwise damaged condition, customer will be charged at buyout price thereof, and shall be due and payable upon billing in addition to the rental charge.

8. Customer shall return all items by Pamabearlilangel Rental Services on the return date. Failure to have said items available will subject customer to an additional rental charge for each day the items is not available for pickup.

9. Every effort is made to fill your order exactly as requested. If circumstances prevent Pamabearlilangel from doing so, Pamabearlilangel reserves the right to upgrade the quality or find a substitute product

3) The full payment to be made on a collection date.

3) Other terms and conditions applies.
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The Best Worst Week

It’s already 7am and I am still in front of my lap top. Monday strikes again! And I don’t get to enjoy my weekend very much (Keep on reading and you will know why) . I am still not recovering from my lower back muscle pain yet, and I am very sure Doc Wee is more than happy to issue me the MC sheet. Aaahhh…I wish to cuddle up with little Sara in bed right now!. But thinking of the workloads and the approaching dateline, I better go to work now!
My work is pending for a week now .Last week is the most wasteful and <stressful>week for us (Thanks to the system issue and power failure).. And on Friday, My team mate Kak Farah lost her father after a week her mother’s gone. It is shocking news indeed. Losing both parent within a week?. So we seek for boss approval to visit Sist Farah. The whole team is going, we convoying to Senawang to give some support to her. I personally would like to express my sincere condolences to Sist Farah for her loss, Al-Fatihah.


So on Saturday I thought of going to office to maximize my paycheck   finished my entire task. Alas, I have to cancel because there is surprise belated birthday party for hubby at ibu’s house. It is a birthday traditions for my in-laws family to celebrate with cake and candles.

Sara was so <and still> excited with her Peter and Jane series. And we are very impressed and proud when she can point correctly at ‘the dog’, ‘the toys’, ‘the shop’, ‘the tree’, ‘Peter’, ‘Jane’, and ‘the ball’ <clap clap> At her age <1 year and 6 months> We don’t expect her to read the book, enough with her capability of identifying  the object in the book. Now that she has completed her 1a, let’s move on to book 1b shall we?!.
Later that night, Hafiz and his wife Sarah come to our house because hubby makes some arrangement to upgrade our insurance policy. I know I am not being a good host that night; I have to excuse myself to go to bed earlier, I am not well. I had a whooping cough for the past 3 weeks and I started having pain in my lower back. The muscle strain is worsening each day but I am just too lazy to see the Doctor. Until that night, I started to feel the pain every time I took a breath.
At 3am I feel the sharp pain at my lower back and I can’t move my body. It feels like something is broken, maybe a bone fractured, or just a pulled muscle..I don’t know. I must be paralyzed! That is what I thought.. The pain is just unbearable. So I scream for my hubby and we rushed to DEMC that instant.
The Doctor look so calmed when I (half hysterical in pain) and he told me since I am pregnant he can’t perform any x-ray. He told me it’s probably just a pulled muscle, and gives me a painkiller and a cream. That’s it!. He assured me that I will be okay in a few days. So I was like.. What?? I am in pain and feels like dying here and this is your advice to me???!!
So I told myself, just because I didn’t hear what I expect to hear doesn’t makes the Doctor wrong or lazy. I don’t want to be what Malay called ‘bodoh sombong’. He is the Doctor. He should know better than me. If he said everything is okay means everything’s will be okay. If in a few days if I don’t get any better I will go somewhere else for second opinion. I don’t want to bark at the wrong tree. Barking like you know it all but in the end to find out that the Doctor was right is just humiliating. Studying Chemistry and Biology for my SPM doesn’t makes me a Doctor or any cleverer. And the Doctor was right, I am feeling better now. Alhamdulillah.
We went to Emak house that morning. Arriving at 4am, we need to make several phone calls to wake them up and open the door for us. We need Adik’s assistance to send hubby to airport at 8.30am that morning. He is going to offshore <He wants to cancel his trip-but I insist him going>.I don’t think I can drive him there.

My first brother who is currently working in Dubai is back for Aidiladha. I miss him so much! And it’s been a while since I met my nieces and nephew. He gets Hard Rock t-shirt for everyone but for me, he bought a Hard Rock fridge magnets! I love it! We had our breakfast together before hubby went to airport.
My brother currently has the project with Carigali Petronas, so he and my hubby talk about works a lot. It is nice to see how they speak the same language so I just sit quietly enjoying my nasi lemak <Boring!>

That is 1 hectic weekend, and here we are, facing the brutal Monday once again.

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Try this- Fluffy Pancake Recipe

 PanCake (copy n paste recipe)

Bahan-bahan :

3 sudu besar butter - dicairkan (boleh juga guna minyak masak atau minyak jagung)
1 biji telur
1 cawan tepung naik sendiri
1 sudu teh baking powder
1 sudu besar gula
1 cawan susu segar
1 sudu besar jus lemon (jika tak nak letak pun tak apa)
secubit garam (atau secukup rasa)

Cara-cara :

1. Campurkan semua bahan, guna blender...blend sebati (CT guna whisk jer, subuh2 guna blender takut bising sangat :D )
2. Biarkan adunan selama 10 minit
3. Tuangkan sesudu adunan dalam kuali non stick yang telah panas.*
4. Balikkan adunan bila nampak permukaannya berbuih (permukaan seakan berbuih atau berlubang2).*
5. Biarkan seketika, bolehlah diangkat.

Nota : *Panaskan non-stick frying pan menggunakan api paling kecil, sapu dengan sedikit mentega kemudian lap dengan paper towel. Kemudian tuang 1/2 cawan adunan pancake di tengah2 pan tadi. Biar sehingga permukaannya berlubang2 dan kering, terbalikkan dan masak sekejap.


After I post the picture above I received a number of inquiries,
So here is the recipe and some tips how to make mat salleh lempeng ;D

Serve with maple syrup and butter is our favourite,
But you may also try with fruits and jam.

Enjoy! :)
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29 Things I love About You

My husband turns 29th yesterday (16th Oct 2012).

Nothing fancy, nothing lavish. We don't have any big or grand celebrations for him. No cake, no candles. Just a humble family dinner in Kenny Rogers (don't ask me why, it's his pick and my treat) and we snapped some family portrait for our keep sake memories.   I really have no idea what to buy for him. Knowing him, he is not really into gifts and presents. So I thought let's do something that can touched his heart (and his tummy). So I woke up very early this morning (around 5 am) just to cook him a nice hot nasi lemak for him to tapau to work.  


I started to think it is a great idea. I could see he loves me more (than usual) this morning and appreciates my effort to make his birthday special. It is tiring but to see his expressions is just beyond price.. Yes! I am one happy wife!   Happy Birthday sayang!   So.. On his birthday he proposed to buy his dream super bike. How could I say no on his Birthday? We just bought a new car for him, and we are waiting for my new car 2013 model to be released, and right now a bike? Too much spending don't you think so? But when I come to think about it, I really think he deserves it. He should be rewarded for all his hard work. We deserve it. He deserves his superbike, I deserve my sport car and our kids deserve a comfortable car. We already have a few investments. Let's just slow down and enjoy life. A little bit of luxury is sometimes necessary I think.  


So my dear sayang, I don't want to sound cliché but on your 29th Birthday,

I list down   29 things I love about you (and don't you ever change)

1.        Love it when you would find the same color to wear to match with mine.
2.        Love it when you hold my hand when we are walking. And how you put your arms around me.
3.        Love it when you don't mind holding my bag when we went out for shopping.<And all my shopping bags>.
4.        Love it when we cuddle up in bed watching Barney with little Sara<And hoping Sara will sleep in her own bed.>
5.        Love it when you help me doing house chores without me have to asked. <And bragging about it like I didn't saw it>.
6.        Love your cooking.. You are a good cook.
7.        Love it when you read 'Peter & Jane' for Sara. <With your expressions>.
8.        Love to watch you beat your friends on x-box. <And make that proud face and (inaudible) expressions when you won>.
9.        Love it when you tried to teach me how to play FIFA and never give up.<You know me never good in this>.
10.        Love it when you go out in the middle of the night just for my cough medicine.
11.        Love it when you say you already late for work but still queuing in McD to buy me breakfast.
12.         Love it when you treat me the same no matter where we are and who we with.
13.        Love it when you get along very well with my family and friends.
14.        Love it when you help me being rationale when I get so emotional.
15.        Love that you are optimistic towards life.
16.        Love that you never get mad with me. <And never say NO to me. You are always my YES man>.
17.        Love it when you let me choose the color of your favorite car, the hotel room, the 'everything'.
18.        Love it when you install GPS in my phone so I don't get lost.
19.        Love it when we shared stories and secrets. <And laughed about it>
20.        Love the way you hug and kiss me.
21.        Love it when you listed all type of sports car for me to choose. < And yet I still want the Forte Koup>.
22.        Love it when you kiss our foreheads before we went to sleep. <And hate it when we sleep before you>.
23.        Love it when you make jokes and funny facial expression. You make me laugh like no one else.
24.        Love it when you never question how I spend our money. <And still trusting me with our funds>.
25.        Love it when you never miss to say 'I love you' every single day. <And I know you really mean it>
26.        Love it when you tell me how pretty I am when I look like a mess.
27.        Love it when you always want to spend time with us and will take us with you whenever you are away for outstation.
28.         Love to see how passionate you are with your work. And you motivate me to work harder.
29.        Love almost everything about you, especially your looks. You are one handsome guy to me. <And this is my unbiased opinion>.  

Frankly speaking,  

You mean the world to me
I deeply do love you,


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Our Must Go Places in Terengganu

We are falling in love with this place. We envy those who were born, live and raised here. How lucky they are living a vacation most of their lifetime (Life is unfair!!).  Personally, I just love the panorama, the food, the culture and the people here.
The people here are soft spoken; most of them are beautiful (you can see a lot of perempuan melayu terakhir here) Husband! Don’t look!! haha, and very friendly too. The food are variable, and we’ve been here like a million times (okay I am just being melodramatic) and yet there are still so many food to discover. Yes, a new food-for us to discover each and every time.
So we make a plan to live and grow old here after we retired from our loooonggg service. This place is a heaven! (I wish this place will remain the same in another 30 years) . Off course we said the same thing when we had our visit in Ireland, but.. let’s talk logic here okay.
We will normally stay in Awana Kijal or Swiss Garden Kuantan whenever we are in Terengganu. But this time around because of our ad-hoc decision, both were fully booked so we discover another great place to stay, Impiana Cherating.
So let me share our favorite places in Terengganu,

Pasar Payang

This is a heaven for those who love shopping. Pasar Payang is located in Kuala Terengganu which is about 200 kilometers away from Cherating. It is quite far I know, but it’s worth it. I am sorry that I only snap pictures of Batik crepe. This is because I do some shopping for Mir and she is soooo fussy, she makes me go back and forth for her Batiks… Thank God, we are able to make a video call in Pasar Payang! (Surprised) How cool is that?
So I bought a few Batik crepe (which Mir claim to be ‘cheap’) I don’t know what is the price like in KL, but the range is between RM250-RM600 here. According to the sellers here, the quality is the same, but the design and the motif will determine the price.
There are lots of other things here, like the coppers (I couldn’t find anything interesting for my dulang collections) , kaftan, the keropok and the toto, but I spend most of my time and cash buying Batik crepe.

Noor Arfa Batik (Kuala Terengganu)

Noor Arfa is a well known Batik’s manufacturer.  The concoction of their design is just drooling. They also have their own Batik Crepe here with the range of RM250-RMxxxx. Still expensive compared to Pasar Payang. (Yes it’s Noor Arfa.. people!!) . Not really a great place for shopping but I just love looking at their Batik’s invention.
I just grabbed a few kain batik sarung for souvenir. It’s cheaper than KL off course.

Natural Batik Village (Kemaman)

This is a number 1 in our my must go list. I love their Batik silk collections. I will never leave here empty handed.  You can also see and learn how to draw batik here. The paintings here is very eye catchy (I am not good in arts, so I can’t give any annotations here) and cheap.
Warung  Otak-otak Che Wan and Warung Aziz Satar

Both of these places located in Geliga. They are close to each other. The satar and the otak-otak here are simply the best. Personally I prefer the Satar from Che Wan and my husband preferences is Aziz Satar. So every time we are in Terengganu, we will come here and get our 1 week Satar and otak2 supply to bring home.
We have tried Pais Udang and Pais Ikan.. But we prefer satar and otak2 more. Ikan celup tepung is our latest discovery but too bad, it is not available yet when we went there. Apparently it’s for minum petang time..So next time maybe..
Kedai Keropok Cap Tenggiri

This shop is near the warung otak-otak che wan. We love the keropok lekor and its sauce. We also bought the keropok ikan, sate ikan, sotong kering etc here for our friends.
Hai Peng kopitiam (Kemaman)
I don’t know if it’s true or not but my husband told me they are the pioneer of kopitiam in Malaysia. Their coffee is the best. It’s a must drop by and you should try their toast bread, coffee (off course!) and nasi lemak.. nyum nyum!!
Another place to go is Tong Juan which is famous for its stuffed crab, but we are too full to have lunch here. Thanks to the heavy breakfast in Hai Peng.
So I hope you can go visit all these places whenever you are in Terengganu. And yes, we will come back to Terengganu next month Insyaallah for our ikan celup tepung! : )

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