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Salam Pamabearies!

Not much time now so straight to the point.. As promised, I will explain.. and.. ehem (clear throat) I will teach you how to get compensate for whatever bad service or misleading info given to you.

My husband told me that I am very good at asking for compensation and I will get compensated every time. He himself does tried a few times but unfortunately, mission not accomplished. LOL

First of first, you must know your right. If you would like to buy a product (especially through online), you must at least know the actual size, how the quality, and most importantly the material. So you will know what to expect.

If the item received is not as expected, 

Step 1 – Write or contact the seller. Indicate clearly why you are not satisfied with the item. Sometimes they send you stuff differ from the picture advertised. Maybe they failed to notify customers on the material used in their product e.g pig lining etc. If you bought from group discount site, you must acknowledge them too so they can block or blacklist this seller.

Step 2 – The seller will give you 101 excuses. Worry not, our beloved government provide a channel for you to report against this 'pain in the ass seller'. Just go to this site and lodge a complaint.  and click New Complaint or Aduan Baru.

or call them at 1800 18 2222, or e-mail them at

 Indicate clearly the issue, the supplier/seller name, address and contact number.

Step 3 – This process is super fast, in 1-2 days time the seller will call you and beg you to withdraw the report. So what you want to do? Asking for compensation of course! You may ask for the refund @ ask them to change the item, but on top of that, do not forget to ask them pay for whatever cost incurred due to this issue. Make them pay your phone bill, and compensate for your inconvenience. Trust me.. They will pay!

This is normally applied for the small company, which have no customer service. They don’t really care if they lose one fussy customer because they have no reputation to look after..

If you are dealing with big company, it would be much easier. There is no need  for CFM intervention because they have their own customer service to look after your concern. The customer service task is to keep customers happy and to retain them no matter how fussy they could be.

Step 1 – Call the customer service line/ go directly to their counter and ask for their superior. This will indicate how unhappy and how serious you are with the bad service or product given to you. Bear in mind, No shouting is necessary. Keep calmed, but firmed.

Step 2 – Get all the facts right, the time, date, what product/service, why you think it is not up to the standard, what makes you unhappy. Again I would like to remind you, we are talking to another human, don’t use any foul language.  Its okay if you want to curse the person but the real intelligent and smart individual won’t do that. Be firmed is a must. If you still sound friendly it just show you are not really serious and all you will received is just an apologized letter. 

Step 3 – Tell the person in charge clearly that you look after compensation. Please tell them clearly how much you expected for the compensation. Get the person name and designation, for future use. Give him/her the deadline. Tell them you are expected to hear from them in 3 working days. If they don’t call/e-mail you within that period, it’s time for you to talk to his/her manager.

Normally they will not let you speak or communicate to the manager. The manager has so many things to do other than solving the customer’s issue. So they will normally granted whatever you ask for– the waiver, the new product, free voucher.. etc!

So.. To you my dear Pamabearies.. What are you waiting for? It’s time for compensations and… Enjoy!! :D


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