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Arisara's First Sports Day - BBIM 2013

I need more time to properly blog about my Japan trip. The big question is WHEN?... How I wish I could write about MAS Vs Air Asia, the hotels we have stayed review.. The beautiful places that we went, the breastfeeding mom challenges, the backpacking experience-with kids.. I wish I could share this with all of you.. I wish I could give something informative as I blog.. I really do.. :) But I only have 24 hours a day and this need to wait..< I guess >*sigh*
I have successfully attended Sara sport’s day last Saturday, in spite of, my husband absenteeism, I enjoyed myself very much.  I had fun!. Really! I was not sure if it is due to the fact that I am attending my baby sports day, <when most of 2 years old kids are still at home watching Barney’s> or because the event was a success (or not) or because all my girls are there with me that day.

I remembered the event started a bit late that day. Sara gets a little cranky and sweaty, and she refused to walk on a parade so I had to carry her with me. We had to queue in the middle of the field and after all the prayer, the short speech and the dance then the game begins.  I kept asking the teachers if Sara could do it.. It looks difficult for 2 years old I reckon. They had to place the plate, the cup, and the cutlery in a proper manner, and then bring the basket with colored stars – place the star according to the colors and keep back the plate, cup and the cutlery to where it belongs.  The teachers assured me that Sara has been trained to do this and to my surprise, Sara did it! You hear me!! She did it! Swiftly okay! I am a proud mom!! You Go Sara!!

So what my friends do at my baby’s sports day?? As usual, They will always be there for me.. Without failed, they never leave me alone.. On my engagement, solemnization, wedding, Arisara’s born day, Arisara’s first birthday, Noah’s born day and now Sara sports day. Our photo albums were filled with their faces- The faces that I love the most.  

I understand that true friendship must reciprocate. It doesn’t work if your friends are always there for you but you are too busy with your own life and never really have time for them. I think I take things for granted and I really hope despite of my forever busy life I can manage some times for my girls, especially on their BIG day! Dear Sayang.. Take note please.. I need some time for my girls..And yes that means you too… they are my sisters and that make them yours too.. ;p
So on Sara sports day, Alin came all the way from Banting and she is at our doorstep at 6am just to fetch and send us to UPM serdang. We met Mun and Mir  there .Alin stayed until me and Sara went for parade and she gone to work after that. While Mun and Mir stick around until me and Sara finished the race. They send us home after brunch in Dome. I felt so much loved! Thank you girls :)
I guess I need to nurture this 10 years establish true friendship. I can’t afford to lose them. We are likeminded persons that will give encouragement and positive support to each other.  My bad, I am not there when both of my favorite girls were engaged. I am relieved when they still have each other when another friend of them ni keep on missing on their big day.
I was in Japan when Mir get engaged to Wan, I am trying to be accessible at any time so I can in touch with them and to congratulate Mir on time (almost) huhu. That means a yes to data roaming.. And blurghhh to the bill.. <I remembered I just have a short conversations with my besties and Maryam through whatsapp>.. And there goes my bill..
Back to Arisara, I am proud of her; I am impressed, and she deserved a second birthday cake! I was thinking of rainbow cake but I am concerned with the food coloring - too much I think, so light bulb! A Cirque Du Lola by Wondermilk, a chocolate cake covered with rainbow color icing! Just love this cake very much! This cake just cost me RM70 and it is obviously looks better then Secret Recipe cake! So I made a party pack for 35 kids, no balloon etc.. Just something healthy- red apple, something sweet- daim and hersheys chocolate, and something to drink- Milo. That’s it.


Let me share with you the cheap ideas for party pack, I just use this hawker’s paper bag (RM3.90 for 100 pcs), and the wooden clothes clip (RM1.90 for 36 pcs) which I gets from My Mydin. It turns out to be great without burning a hole in your pocket.. ;) The kids are going to tear it apart anyway.. lol

 That's all I guest.. Hub's home, Noah's awake.. so it is a cue for me to prepare a dinner.. Thanks for reading.. xx :D


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