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Disney Sea- Theme park Escapade #1

This is our first theme park escapade. We are a little bit apprehensive about going to a theme park with Noah and Sara. But fortunately it happened to be one of the highlights of our entire trip! Tokyo Disney Sea turned out to be fantastic not only for grownups but for kids as well <especially Sara>.

Lacking of time, we had to choose either Disneyland or Disney Sea. As opposed to the numerous Disneyland's and Disneyworld's around the world, this is the only Disney Sea. So yes, let’s experience Disney Sea this time around.

To get to Disney Sea, get the subway to Maihama Subway station, and then transfer to the Disney Resort Monorail. Catch the Monorail and you get a full 360 degree view of the resort. The monorail was beautifully decorate with Toy story theme kind of boost the excitement in us.


Entering the park certainly rekindled some inner child in me. The smell of caramel popcorn hit our noses as we entered the park. We were blown away, both by the spectacular design of the park and the sheer quantities of people!

We went deliberately on a Friday in the hope to avoid the huge line ups that others have warned about. Unfortunately it is a busy day in Disney Sea. It was jam-packed. It can be horrendous, I tell you. We are amazed at the patience of Japanese who will queue for up to 2 hours for 1 ride. I guess there isn’t a weekday or a weekend in a magical place like Disney Sea.

As we walked in, we could see the park symbol, a water fountain with a large model of the earth and the gigantic volcano, Mount Prometheus. Near the entrance Goofy greeted us with a big hug, giving us a great start.

The staff are very friendly, safety was paramount and the park is exceptionally clean. The place is beautifully designed and spectacular to the smallest detail- intricate and very detail I must say.

There are seven uniquely themed areas. The entrance to the park is Mediterranean Harbor, which opens up to seven more nautically themed ports: American Waterfront, Lost River Delta, Port Discovery, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Mysterious Island and a new area themed- Toyville Trolley Park. It almost feels like we are travelling in so many countries and stepping into a new and astounding world in one day. Each zone is meticulously detailed, really. It’s hard to choose a favorite.


To check out everything. One full day isn't enough. I don't think it's possible to see everything in one visit. We certainly didn't. To properly experience each area you will need 2 days in Disney Sea. Two days will enable you to try all the rides, see all the shows and explore all the attractions. Even queuing isn't so terrible because you get to see all the interesting details that are added to the queuing routes to keep you amused. If you've got the luxury of time and a bit of the extra budget, go for two days!

We spend most of our time in Mermaid Lagoon and Arabian Coast. Most of the rides here are for younger children. The rides that we have tried so far - Blowfish Balloon Race, Jumpin' Jellyfish, Scuttle’s Scooters, Jasmine’s flying carpet, Sinbad’s storybook voyage, and Caravan Carousel.


 Then we decide enough with queuing so we just wander around waiting for the show. One hint is to take something to sit on (like a folded towel, flat cushion or a piece of cardboard). 
Please do wear more layer clothes as it could get very cold with the wind as it is situated nearby the seaside.

It is a great experience indeed! We had so much fun. This place can easily satisfy Arisara. Definitely will come back for Disney experience again!


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