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Japan - Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka

From Tokyo, we embarked the journey to Osaka by shikansen. We hop on Nozomi Shikansen, the fastest shikansen train in Japan. Shikansen is also known as bullet train. It can speed up to 300km/h and can reach Osaka <about 515km away> in just 2 ½ hours. <Now you know why it is called bullet train>

FYI, Nozomi Shikansen is not valid with JR Pass. The ticket alone is very expensive.  It cost us almost 15000 yen < almost RM600> per person for one trip to Shin-Osaka. I just think this is the best time for us to experience Japan’s bullet train lines that everyone raving about. We were thrilled when we finally saw glory Mount Fuji from a far. *happy*
It is a relieved when we finally reached Monterey La Soeur Osaka. As when we stepped in the hotel.. I was like.. ahhhh finally! Western concept hotel!! The pretty lady staff came to us and takes all the bags to the room. I don’t see any bell boy here.  For some reasons, she reminds me of ‘Power office ladies’ the Japanese drama I used to love when I was a kid.LOL.

The room is quite big to Japanese standard. It is exceptionally clean and well appointed. Particularly impressive with their ion plasma and heating toilet seat.. haha.


Alarm clock

All receptionist speak fluent English < some even with Mat Salleh slang>, it’s something we have frequently run into trouble elsewhere during our various trips in Japan. They are very helpful and friendly too.

The main reason we chose this hotel is because of its closeness to Kyobashi railway station and other subway system. It has a good access to Kyoto and Osaka City. It is very convenient too because it is within walking distance to some department stores, <Starbucks and Mc D is just across the street>.
We also chose this hotel due to its proximity to the Osaka Castle. It is within easy walking distance to Osaka Castle- the best place to experience cherry blossoms and hanami party.
We will definitely will come to stay again.. Next time! <I hope!> :D


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