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Japan - Osaka Castle

What really make our Japan trip special is, we went there during cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom or most of us called Sakura only bloom in a short period. This Japanese flower blooming period started late March and end in early April <about 10-14 days>. Hence, perfect timing is essential to experience this special moment not only for the people of Japan but to the tourist who appreciates natures like us.

A cherry blossom is a symbol of Japan. At the time of Sakura blooming, the Japanese state was invaded by visitors <like us>. So rest assured, everything is expensive during this time. But it doesn't really matter though because money is nothing compared to this lovely cherry blossoms. That is one of the reasons why I choose Japan when hubs preferred Paris. Paris can wait I told him.


Our first stop in Osaka is the Osaka castle. It is within easy walking distance from our hotel. From a far we can see the green-roofed Osaka Castle perched amongst a bevy of cherry trees, their branches heavy with blossoms. Like a dreams come true, we walk slowly underneath a huge canopy of cherry blossoms. It is so beautiful; it is like walking down the heavens path. I was totally transfixed in a way I cannot explain.


An air of festival surrounds that castle. People spread blue tarps beneath the trees, eat rice balls and grilled fish, drink sake and cold beers, and gaze up at the pink Sakura. This is Hanami.. I told my husband <proud face>. Hanami means ‘flower viewing’, Sakura viewing to be exact. You can try their local delicacies here as vendors selling food are everywhere. We did not bring any canvas to sit on, so hubs spread his leather jacket for Sara and Noah against nature most spectacular backdrop. While me and hubs, we sat on a thousands of pink petals created a pink and white carpet on the ground. We took out the take away from Hard Rock cafĂ© and here we are. Our own hanami party!

A cherry blossom is a huge deal to us. If you ever talk to us about your Japan trip inevitably we will ask, “Have you seen the cherry blossom?” <Proud face> . I wish I have some sort of teleport power which can transport me to Japan during cherry blossoms. <Rindu!>


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