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May Big Deals!

Yeay! I am finally here.. In my blogland! <It feels like a vacation> just me, breaking away! <I seriously need this!> Today is hubs first long distance ride with his brand new bike. So, it is just me and the kids. I have a few appointments with our customers today, and the house is in a total mess! Gosh!!< This is what happened when few customers return the stuff at the same time>.

Fortunately multitasking is one of my forte. I put Sara in a swamp of toys <and her current favorite’s film- Barbie on TV> to keep her busy and put Noah to sleep. Then I start make porridge for her lunch, do laundry and clean up the house. First customers has arrived, I served them some refreshments <while running back and forth to check on Noah and the porridge>, and Alhamdulillah it’s a done deal, payment received-Thank you.

Sara already fall asleep, so I grab this opportunity to spring cleaning the house <alone> while waiting for hubs to come home <he will take turn with the kids>. And now that hubby is home, it’s time to put my feet up. So I make a full use of my do-not-disturb mode with blogging <while waiting for another customer to come>. Busy weekend eh?

Mother’s Day

mak loves it!
Why Mother’s Day is a big deal to me? Because I am now a Mom and a little appreciation and recognition will be much appreciated. Some ask why we should celebrate a Mother’s Day when we should celebrate it every day instead of making it one day reminiscence. And I was like.. ‘Come on.. Who are you kidding?’ Don’t tell me you call your Mom every day and tell her you love her.. Don’t tell me you sending her cakes and flowers every day. As a daughter/son, off course we should be good to our parents at all time. But don’t you think by giving her extra attention and love on this special day will bring bright smile to her face? <It’s probably the most anticipated event to her- she just didn’t tell you>.

I received a lot of Mother’s Day wishes –FB, whatsapp, SMS, and e-mail..Thank you girls!! <It felts like Raya already> haha. But the most awaited Mother’s Day wishes are off course from my hubs, and my kids. Hubs prepared the dinner and I got to pick the menu. The chef is in the house ladies! He bought me few boxes of innershine prune for mother’s day, Lovely! <okay.. That will last me for more than 2 months>.

Teacher’s Day

Last Friday is a Mother’s and Teacher’s Day celebrations in Brainy Bunch. They are having a potluck where parents should bring something from home. Me and hubs are tied down to work so we are unable to come. Deep in my heart, I hope other parents cannot make it too <so we don’t look and feel so bad>.  Lacking of time, I ordered the cupcakes from my office mate and bring it to school <I didn't mean to take the credit for ‘baking the cuppies’> Sincere apologies!

On a potluck day, I almost cried when the teachers upload the video of the event and saw every kids are with their parents except.. Sara. She was looking around trying to find us. Hubs called me almost immediately <apparently we watched it at the same time> and we make a pact to make a time and not to miss any events next time.


Then I saw the flowers sent from me – I ordered a vase bouquet from for the teachers <in a way to apologize for not joining and ‘please take good care of my baby’>. it is not the color that I have ordered. I make a complaint and sent me the same vase bouquet with the colors I have requested <with sincere apology note>. It is breathtaking! Well..To entertain one fussy customer like me, just gain another loyal customer. 2 thumbs up!

ESOS exercise


Money is a big deal! LOL.. I sold all my shares at RM10.10 per unit! It is a great deal so I am sharing it with hubs. I bought him Spidi jacket and gloves and I really think he look good in it. Medieval saying ‘The more you give, the more you get’. Due to my promotion last year, I was granted another few lots more – Now that Dato Wahid has appointed to be the minister, thus resigned from Maybank – Let’s hope the price won’t subside *cross fingers*.

Town Hall

Our head have announced the new structuring during our Town Hall session. Our department will no longer under COPC,MGCC, we are going to Governance! Yeay!!. To be honest I always wanted to work in Governance. I always wanted to be one of the ‘Maybank police’ – that is what our head call us by the way.

Everything is great so far. It is time to stop asking so much from Him and genuinely shows the ‘big thanks’ and syukur for His blessings. *self-reminder*. I am kind a bit distracted with all this gifts lately. Bad bad me!! Bad me!!


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