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The Charms

I received my first charm bracelet from my husband 6 years ago. He initially misplaced the bracelet that he bought for me earlier so he replaced it with the brand new beach coral theme charm bracelet. I am a huge fan of charm bracelet and receiving it from someone VVIP in my life?.. I am beyond happy! <We soon found the lost bracelet> so yeah.. I keep them BOTH! :D

Lost and Found - Can u see the heart shape? Yess? No? haha
 Speaking of lost bracelet, I always lost my bracelet and lucky enough they will come back and find me! Literally!.. About 10 years ago, I lost my bracelet. It was a gift from my brother actually. I put it on everywhere and never take it off. Until 1 day I realized it is no longer there on my wrist. I was upset and heartbreaking, so Mun, Mir and I went back to all places we have been to look for it. I think we search for it for few days (or a few weeks I think..) It is not found anywhere.
About 4 years ago (after gone for more than 6 years), Mun called and told me she found my bracelet in our friend’s car. My friend went to Puspakom for car checking <or something..> And he found a bracelet and asked Mun if it’s mine. Lucky huh?
Looking back at my 28 years of existence, there are a numbers of beautiful life events. The highlight of my life is off course started with married to someone wonderful, the adventurous-romantic honeymoon, the beautiful daughter, the Europe vacation, the handsome son, the Japan vacation and more to come <I hope>. I really wish to have something keepsake to commemorate these important events in my life.
Then everybody was busy posting their almost-completed Pandora charm bracelet. They are cute, that is what I think at first. So I took a time to browse on their page and the rest was a history. I am falling in love with their charms -meticulously designed I must say.
I want to own a charm bracelet that will travel through my life with me. Through the ups and down of my life. I want the charm bracelet that somehow symbolize me and mark various things in my life. Well charms always tell a story, don’t they?. My charms will tell you my life journey!
I took my own sweet time in Pandora, carefully selecting my bracelet and charms. My imaginations run wild and the self explanatory begins. So I get myself a couple bears and a little fairy to begin with. These charms bring significant meanings in my life and will carry my personal charms <everywhere>.

The couple bears represents me and hubs, also Sara and Noah. Adding a little fairy will bring whole new meaning that represent my blog- which I love dearly. Papa bear~Mama bear~little angels.. Got it? Haha..
I wish to add a Double Decker bus with Union Jack flag for our UK trip, Clovers for Ireland trip, Cherry Blossoms for Japan trip, Bag for my bag-craziness, scorpion for the Scorpius me. Sikit-sikitlah kot.. I can’t afford to buy everything in 1 shot.
One fine day, when I am gone <not too soon, I hope> I will pass it on to my daughter. And if I live long enough to see my granddaughters, they got to pick a charm from my bracelet to remember me. Yes I am going to be 1 sweet grandma.
Pandora jewelry charms are deliciously designed out of fabulous materials. The great thing about Pandora jewelry charms is that you can choose different numbers of charms and different bracelet materials in order to fit your style and your budget.
Just do a quick internet search to get started in planning the Pandora charm bracelet of your dreams.
P/S: The charm bracelet from Thomas Sabo is not bad too. The price is much cheaper compared to Pandora. Or if you have extra budget, go for every girl’s dream, the turquoise box from tiffany & co off course! :D


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