Bridezilla's First Aid Kit

Rambling Thought & Talisman Family Day 2013


Hi there! How are you girls doing? Have you check our new page? If not, head over to our page now! Now! Noooowww!! You can sambung read this later..And please let us know your feedback okay.. Whether you like it or not, positive or negative.. No biggie.. Throw it all at us.. <Gulp!> we must know! To those who already give us feedback, thank you very much! Your opinion matters! If you know someone who is about to get engaged or married, do us a big favor by informing them about us okay? Help us spread the words ye..  Thanks in advance.. Muaxx!

I’ve been thinking of separating the personal and business post for quite so long now but just recently I have time to work on it. I use wordpress this time around as it appeared to look more professional and compelling to me. The pamabearlilangel branding started from this personal blog; just my day to day ramblings about life so the title cannot go with the wedding page don’t you think so? Hence we choose to named our new page ‘hantaransforpengantins’ by pamabearlilangels.. I love it to bits.. 

I seriously hope this page can be the emergency first aid kit for our fellow bridezilla.< Yeah.. There is no such thing as bride-goddess just a bride-zilla>. In fact I was caught in the middle of bride wars when both of my best friends choose the same accessory and dulang hantaran for their wedding <both of them are getting married in Dec>.. Ya Allah.. Can you believe that?? It seems that I have to add a few more items to my collection to suit their needs. <And that is how I get the tag line> haha.

Ramadhan is approaching soon, and I am in the midst of ganti puasa and hoping can shed out some pounds before Raya. I gain a lot of weight and my diet seems not working when hubs keep on sabotaging my diet. This is what happened when your hubs was infected by ‘Shallow Hal’ syndrome <if you know what I mean>.. Keep on telling me how pretty I am when I look like a hyppo doesn’t really help. 

Raya is a distant away but I already browsing a new bag for raya.. Yes.. I just broke my Prada handle strap few weeks ago, Bad me.. I know.. <This can be a good excuse to get myself a new one>. You see, I am struggling to balance many roles in my life and my handbags carry a heavy load stuff like tab, wallet and hand phone, <sometimes diapers, milk and toys too!!>.I hope this can justify how I broke the Prada.. haha. Thus, I need a portable handbag that is essential to my busy lifestyle.

I was thinking of Raspail bag. The bag is very similar to neverfull but it comes with zipper. Nice right? This bag normally mistakenly identified as neverfull but I guess only those who familiar with the brand or owned the authentic one can tell the

Despite of  my busy life I think I need to invest the time in repairing my Prada strap so me and my bag can get back in business.. It is one of my favorite bag and it is one of the stuff I can’t live without.. tsk tsk..

Last but not least .. Just to share with you the event that we attend last week, Talisman Family Day! It was fun but the activity and the organizer is same like last year, just a different theme and place. It was held in Palace of The Golden Horses.

Another family portrait for our family album!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Dear nurul.. xyah drama sgt ye.. any fool can tell d differs between raspail n nvrfull.. xyah jd expert pun sure can tell.. beza gile kott.. haha..peace!

  2. Ape kenala google acct ni.. ni syaza tau nurul.. damn google!!x bg i login! %&%##

  3. Nurul.. Now i ada idea nk tulis article fashion crime i tu *gelak* thanks for d idea.. *gelak lagi* serius i xleh stop gelak beb..kesian gak kat budak tu..hope u nye subtle hint ni jadik laa haha..k.. peace yoo..


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