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Japan- Tokyo - Korea Town

This Korea Town is just 10 minutes walk from our hotel. This place is not in our itinerary, but hey! Just a 10 minutes’ walk and you’ve left Japan and entered Korea Town.. Why not?! LOL
The reason we are here mainly because we are looking for our DSLR SD card. Apparently someone is thrilled to go to Japan; he forgot to bring the memory card with him.Luckily the price is much cheaper compared to Malaysia. This place is a wonderland to the gadget lovers.

It is nice to stroll along the Korea Town. Unfortunately I am not a big fan of K-pop <Running man is an exception>. I am sure K-pop fans don’t want to miss this place. There’s a wide selections of K-pop drama cd,dvd, posters-you name it. Variety of food but again no halal food means no dining or food testing session for us. They sell cheap cosmetics and skincare product, but hell no – I am not going to put them on my face. The electronics devices and gadgets are much cheaper compared to Malaysia and that is why Mr Husband repeatedly brings us here. That’s it – Definitely not a cool place for me but a little bit of Korea in Japan?.. What an experience!
Just to share some tips with you ladies, if you are coming to Japan with infant or toddler, you may consider bringing baby carrier or baby sling with you. For toddler, please bring the most lightweight stroller you can possibly find. I am glad we didn’t bring our bulky peg- perego stroller here. Japan is not so baby-friendly. Some subway or train station didn’t have elevator so you might need to carry up/down the stroller. You also might want to save space in the crowded train. Carrying heavy stroller can be exhausting.

We are very pleased indeed when we found this Quinny Yezz stroller. It is less than 5kg and easy to fold and unfold. Sometimes Sara refused to seat in her stroller and preferred to walk or run around, so we just fold it and carry it like a bag. This stroller is simply genius!

It is not easy to find a Halal food here. Most Japanese don’t speak English so they cannot answer your simple question like ‘pork or beef?’ or ‘what inside this?’ and the menu also in Japanese. The only Japanese delicacies that we have tried are Hokkaido cake and Takoyaki.
Tip no 2: Bring instants food. Food can be very expensive in Tokyo. Just imagine the cone ice cream (RM1) here is 390 yen <about RM10>. We recommend instant food from Sharifah brand. Her Briyani kambing is just excellent! You don’t have to bring rice cooker or what so ever with you. Just put the pack inside the kettle, fill the kettle with water and boil. Boil 3 times repeatedly and the dinner is served! Bon Appétit!
I don’t really like Brahim’s as I taste Sharifah is better. Beriyani kambing, beriyani ayam, ayam masak merah, nasi goring kampung, kari daging, there are so many to choose from. You might want to try it all. I am sure you don’t want to eat the same thing everyday right? 1 pack is enough for both of us. Alhamdulillah.
Tip no 3: Do not bring tripod – Tripod is not allowed in most places. These include Disney and Universal Studio. So leave it at home. You might want to bring Gorilla pod instead but we can assure you the Japanese are more than happy to help you snap your family photo. Most of them will offer to snap your picture even without you asking.
Tip no 4: Download Hyperdia application –Japan have the most complicated rail system. But you won’t get lost as the English instructions are pretty clear. However you might want to have this application in your phone. It can be very handy. You will never know when you need it.
Tip no 5: Use hyperdia application to calculate how much you will spend for train tickets to your destination. Then only you decide whether to get the JR Pass or not. In our case JR Pass will cost us more. JR Pass is fix to 28 900 yen per person. Bear in mind, most subway don’t accept JR Pass. So you still need to buy tickets to some destination.
Tip no 6: Get the Suica card for fast and easy access to all train and subway. This is not a discount card but definitely will help you save time and energy.
Tip no 7: If you are coming from Narita airport, you might want to get N’EX card. Narita express train will transport you from airport to the city at lower cost.
Tip no 8: Do not directly breastfeeding your baby in public <even with cover>. Bottling your EBM is a good option. I think it is considered offensive to the Japanese. They can’t help but stare.
Tip no 9: Leave your heels at home. You might do a lot of walking so a comfortable crocs or boot would be a good choice.
Okay.. I am running out of ideas now.. I will definitely share with you more tips as I write about our Japan trip. Till then… Be good okay!

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Japan- Tokyo- E Hotel Higashi Shinjuku

I am so in the mood for blogging today! 1- Tomorrow is a public holiday 2- We just granted with our third shares offer 3- The business is doing great- Thank you very much for the support :) Alhamdulillah.

This post is pending for so long.. Reason being 1-Not much time for blogging 2-Too tired 3- Lazy add up the zaps to all the 2 above.

Going to Japan soon? Then most probably you want to read this. This is just a short note on our stay in E-Hotel Higashi and some tips, off course. I am trying to make it short and simple k.

We stayed for three nights in this hotel. We are aware that the room in Japan particularly Tokyo are relatively small. However we don’t expect it is super tiny!. I always say location is everything when it comes to choose a hotel, but now the size of the room is second to that! We had to figure out how to fit the bags and the stroller in the room- fuuhh.. I hate this ‘jigsaw puzzle’ game. Hubs finally found the perfect place for our bags to keep it out of the way- on the long bench next to the TV. This hotel is definitely a no-no for claustrophobic.


Despite of the diminutive size, the room was efficiently designed I must say. Funky room with the micro sized bathroom. Everything is here, from comfortable double bed with great linen, to compact desk, fridge and flat screen TV (I wish I could understand Japanese).

The bathroom is airplane bathroom size. It is so small, so you get to combined tap for both sink and shower/bath. The toilet as usual, equipped with Japan high-tech, it comes with its own remote control. The complete toiletries were provided.

What I really love about the hotel in Japan is they provide the sleepwear for you. It is quite comfortable too. They will change the sleepwear everyday even if you are not using it. Same applies to towels.

This is not a typical hotel to us. Unlike any hotel that we used to know, they have their own way to run things. Like we have to collect <and return> the iron ourselves at the counter, no bellboy to take the bags to the room, and we have to do our own laundry. Unfortunately the wash/dry all in 1 machine does not really dry the clothes and it cost us 100 yen each time <3rd time and it is still damp>.I am sure this has something to do with their low power usage compared to Malaysia- <My clothes dryer back in Malaysia is way more efficient!> haha that is what I thought at first. I personally do not favor this kind of treatment.

The staff can speak English, very basic English but good enough to help you get around. They are very strict with check in/out time. Check in at 3pm means you can start to check in at 3 even the room is ready. No such things check in at 2:50 pm. If you wish to check in earlier, there is a fee for it. This is just so Japanese. Time is off the essence.

The good thing is they can store the luggage/bags for you. We arrived pretty early so we leave the bag and went to Korean Town while waiting for check in time at 3pm.

Our hotel from the subway-very near.
We don’t have much complaint on the location. With the price that we pay, this hotel is worth it. This hotel is well situated in the heart of Tokyo. The hotel is next to the Higashi-Shinjuku subway station on the Oedo line and 10-15 minutes’ walk from the main Shinjuku train station and shopping area. The Korean Town is about 10 minutes walking distance. 7-11 is just across the road, so do McD, Tully’s Café and few other convenient stores.

How to get there: The Shinjuku station is huge. We were initially confused where to go. Here is a simple one. Find the Oedo subway line from the train station to the hotel, you need to go one station to Tochomae and then change trains on the same line and go two stations to Higashi Shinjuku.

We chose this hotel mainly for the location which was very convenient. The Hotel was right out next to the A1 exit. But I don’t recommend this hotel nor will I come back again. I will definitely pay more for bigger room and better hotel. Kesian my baby have no space to run around.

But if you don’t mind with the size.. Go ahead.. It is a great way to experience Japan anyway. Live like a Japanese once in a while kan.. I can’t advise on the room rates because we went there during cherry blossom, a high peak season. So I tell you it cost us a bomb for accommodation. Always check and get the best price from or Agoda okay..

Hope this helps! Take Care..xx
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Hard Rock Fridge Magnet For Sale!

Calling all the Fridge Magnet Collectors..
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This is simply a must have for all collectors!!
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Flying with MAS

We used enrich points for both return flights to Japan and the bookings were made online. 45000 enrich points were redeemed for return flight tickets for both of us. Which I thought it is a great deal at first. Apparently it turn out to be not-so-great when there are additional taxes and surcharges that makes the total amount is almost the same with Air Asia return ticket to Japan. I told myself, fair enough, I am flying with the World’s best cabin crew. Its worth it. I used to travel with MAS few years back but I can’t justify short distance flight though.
So the nightmares begin when we boarded a Boeing 777 for KUL-NRT <Kuala Lumpur-Narita> on March 27th, 11:35 pm. We are greeted by the smiling cabin crew and that made us feel welcome onboard. The cabin is okay although it looks a bit worn out..And old.. But it doesn’t really bother me when I saw the fluffy pillow and the blanket nicely placed in our seat.. I started to feel good about MAS. 

They plug in the bassinet for Noah after the flight take-off, and here you go..My complaints begin!

Unfortunately the cabin crews were not that friendly for the rest of the flights. They are just there for the sake of doing their job. There are no connections, no acknowledgements, no interactions or what so ever. They give a very basic in-cabin service and the crews were too busy sitting down chatting in galley.
The staff seems disinterested and they are not responded to call bell at all. I think we have to wait around 10-15 minutes for them to come.  And when we hand over the bottle and the formula to them they looked surprised and asked us to make ourselves at the galley. I was taken aback. When I travelled with Air Asia to UK few years back, the stewardess insists to help us prepare the milk. I reckon it is not in their job description and Air Asia stewardess goes extra length for us.
The MAS crew came regularly with cold drinks. Too bad I just think they should learn some manners. There are 2 crews in the aisle passing the drinks. However one is just too fast and another is just too slow so in order to get their job done they pass the drinks/food to the passengers. Yes, we need to pass the drinks/food to the passenger next to us. After each meal we need to press the overhead button a few times just to have the meal tray removed.

Annoyed and irritated <and tired> we tried to catch some sleep. Trying to accentuate the positive, the seating is pretty good with lots of legroom. The in-flight entertainment is great with wide choice of recent films. 

Then I saw a sour, messy and sleepy stewardess face came to me when I repeatedly press the bell button for extra blanket. Then I was thinking.. How Air Asia stewardess managed themselves? Obviously they have more task then MAS crew. With all the merchandise selling, the meals, and attending the passengers, they still look great, fresh and stunning.  Even the hair-do is perfect.. And I am not talking about 8 hours flight here.. But 13 hours flight! And MAS won the World’s Best Cabin Staff? There must be something wrong somewhere.
So on our flight home, we don’t expect much. We boarded KIX-KUL <Kansai-KualaLumpur>  on a newish A330, on April 5th 2013, 11am. We board the plane,and expect only this-they will get us from point A to point B and that’s it.. The crews are…sucks. When we find our seat,we are greeted by Syah <or saiful, I can’t recall the name> , the steward ,with a box of tissue. He saw sara’s running nose so he handed the box of tissue to us. This is nothing like our outbound flight.. hmm..interesting, I think..   

A330 airbus is superb. It is spacious and I just love the smooth take-off and landing. So we took pictures while waiting other passengers to load in, and again Syah came to us and asked if we would like to have a family photo. We are astounded by his attentiveness. I guess this is the world’s best cabin staff that the people talk about. Then another steward, Ehsan came along and checks if we need anything from time to time. All of them especially Syah and Ehsan are very friendly; we don’t feel the 8 hours flight at all. We are safely landed before we knew it. Despite of bad experience on our outbound flight these 2 cabin crews manage to gain our confidence in MAS cabin crew services. They are simply outstanding!
So if you asked me if I will travel with MAS again? My answer will be yes with the right price. Yes I will also take down the lazy cabin crew name for further complaint next time.. I am too occupied with my two babies that day so I don’t have much time to bother about anything else.. How I wish I could remember their names! *sighs*

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Arisara's First Sports Day - BBIM 2013

I need more time to properly blog about my Japan trip. The big question is WHEN?... How I wish I could write about MAS Vs Air Asia, the hotels we have stayed review.. The beautiful places that we went, the breastfeeding mom challenges, the backpacking experience-with kids.. I wish I could share this with all of you.. I wish I could give something informative as I blog.. I really do.. :) But I only have 24 hours a day and this need to wait..< I guess >*sigh*
I have successfully attended Sara sport’s day last Saturday, in spite of, my husband absenteeism, I enjoyed myself very much.  I had fun!. Really! I was not sure if it is due to the fact that I am attending my baby sports day, <when most of 2 years old kids are still at home watching Barney’s> or because the event was a success (or not) or because all my girls are there with me that day.

I remembered the event started a bit late that day. Sara gets a little cranky and sweaty, and she refused to walk on a parade so I had to carry her with me. We had to queue in the middle of the field and after all the prayer, the short speech and the dance then the game begins.  I kept asking the teachers if Sara could do it.. It looks difficult for 2 years old I reckon. They had to place the plate, the cup, and the cutlery in a proper manner, and then bring the basket with colored stars – place the star according to the colors and keep back the plate, cup and the cutlery to where it belongs.  The teachers assured me that Sara has been trained to do this and to my surprise, Sara did it! You hear me!! She did it! Swiftly okay! I am a proud mom!! You Go Sara!!

So what my friends do at my baby’s sports day?? As usual, They will always be there for me.. Without failed, they never leave me alone.. On my engagement, solemnization, wedding, Arisara’s born day, Arisara’s first birthday, Noah’s born day and now Sara sports day. Our photo albums were filled with their faces- The faces that I love the most.  

I understand that true friendship must reciprocate. It doesn’t work if your friends are always there for you but you are too busy with your own life and never really have time for them. I think I take things for granted and I really hope despite of my forever busy life I can manage some times for my girls, especially on their BIG day! Dear Sayang.. Take note please.. I need some time for my girls..And yes that means you too… they are my sisters and that make them yours too.. ;p
So on Sara sports day, Alin came all the way from Banting and she is at our doorstep at 6am just to fetch and send us to UPM serdang. We met Mun and Mir  there .Alin stayed until me and Sara went for parade and she gone to work after that. While Mun and Mir stick around until me and Sara finished the race. They send us home after brunch in Dome. I felt so much loved! Thank you girls :)
I guess I need to nurture this 10 years establish true friendship. I can’t afford to lose them. We are likeminded persons that will give encouragement and positive support to each other.  My bad, I am not there when both of my favorite girls were engaged. I am relieved when they still have each other when another friend of them ni keep on missing on their big day.
I was in Japan when Mir get engaged to Wan, I am trying to be accessible at any time so I can in touch with them and to congratulate Mir on time (almost) huhu. That means a yes to data roaming.. And blurghhh to the bill.. <I remembered I just have a short conversations with my besties and Maryam through whatsapp>.. And there goes my bill..
Back to Arisara, I am proud of her; I am impressed, and she deserved a second birthday cake! I was thinking of rainbow cake but I am concerned with the food coloring - too much I think, so light bulb! A Cirque Du Lola by Wondermilk, a chocolate cake covered with rainbow color icing! Just love this cake very much! This cake just cost me RM70 and it is obviously looks better then Secret Recipe cake! So I made a party pack for 35 kids, no balloon etc.. Just something healthy- red apple, something sweet- daim and hersheys chocolate, and something to drink- Milo. That’s it.


Let me share with you the cheap ideas for party pack, I just use this hawker’s paper bag (RM3.90 for 100 pcs), and the wooden clothes clip (RM1.90 for 36 pcs) which I gets from My Mydin. It turns out to be great without burning a hole in your pocket.. ;) The kids are going to tear it apart anyway.. lol

 That's all I guest.. Hub's home, Noah's awake.. so it is a cue for me to prepare a dinner.. Thanks for reading.. xx :D

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