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Reminders About Deposit Policy

Good Morning, Happy Malaysia Day dear Malaysian!
We are sorry to start this morning with this kind of post ye..just nak remind our beloved customers again about our deposit policy. Dah lama tak remind so maybe customer2 baru tak aware how we run things (although we already explain in our TNC). This customer is 1 of many example we have yang disappointed and unhappy with our service. We apologize for this but let us explain in details.

No booking will be confirmed if made without corresponding payment
Sorry my dears there are no exceptions to this policy. Verbal order or queries is not a booking. There are so many queries received in a day, be it thru watsapp, SMS, Phone call, E-mail, Insta Direct Message, FB PM, Blog, pheww.. And WE DON’T SAVE YOUR NUMBER UNTIL THE BOOKING IS CONFIRMED.. So it is impossible for us to remember which item you want to book and for what date.. And to remind you to pay for your deposit because we have another customer asking for the same item on the same date? If dalam 1 hari 2-3 customers yang tanya maybe boleh.. But you have no idea berapa customers yg call, email, sms, watsapp etc… RAMAI! (Alhamdulillah) So if your watsapp or email kami and kami lambat reply that is because we often do not have time to return phone calls and reply to all messages instantly.
In an effort to continue doing what we love (and what YOU love) we ask that everyone try to respect the deposit policy we have in place. It helps keep things organized which in turn also helps you out! Sebab once deposit received kita akan terus block date for that particular item, and if another customer inquire on the same item for the same date we will just check in our records and inform them that the items are not available on your selected date. As simple as that.
If you need to see the item first, we suggest you to secure your date by place your deposit first, then only you come to see the items. If you think the items are not suitable for you, then you can choose any other collections that are available on your date (yup.. boleh tukar barang on the same value). Please note that no deposit will be return if you choose to cancel the booking.
We wish to make things simpler for everybody and to upset any of you is the last thing we want to do.. We might be just a small home based business but we are a legitimate business and we have to operate as such! We love you guys and appreciate all of you guys who are committed! Thank you!! 
If you have any questions please watsapp the booking lady:
Nurul 0123246465

No goods will be reserved until paid for as per deposits


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