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Rezeki Baby

It’s Sunday and the time shows 4pm. Still has no signs of hubby’s coming home.. dah start boring and hatiii panasss jer… janji balik pukul 3.. ni semua golf punya pasal.. *I hate golf* ok.. he have a tournament in Kinrara Golf Club.. leaving at 6.30am until 4pm no signs of him.. I called him once-no answer.. okeh.. next option, I friendfinder him..
0122XXX is near Club House of Kinrara Golf Club.. haishhh.. cik abang I ni tak gerak lagi yer..

After 10 minutes he call me back.. says sorry and will be home in 20 minutes.. When I ask him ‘ada menang apa2 ke?’ with sad voice.. bgtau tak menang.. – I smile coz next time dia nak main golf leh pin point hehe.. do not waste your money n time!!

20 minutes later, I can hear the lift bell and rush to the door.. haaa to my surprise he brings home a big black parkson’s box. “I menang lucky draw”...

ahaha.. tak jadi nak berleter@mmbebel.. I open d present and taadaaaaaa...

pink vacuum for us!!! Alhamdulillah!! We have a taught of buying vacuum.. sgt xcited dapat hadiah ni.. we call it rezeki baby~~ ;p it’s not much, nor expensive but we never won lucky draw before (we’re not so lucky I guess ;p) I hope the baby will bring us luck.. 

Not so best part when he said “so lepas ni bolehla masuk more tournament kan yang?”
I smile.. hehe boleh sayang... tapi make sure u bawak balik something okeh..
Thermos pon jadiiii…. :) hehe

Dear our lucky baby,
Mama n papa loves u..


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