Bridezilla's First Aid Kit

Special attribute to Mr Crab


Hwaa.. i'm not feeling well for the past 1 week!! it's suffering enough to know that i cant take ubat suka2 ati, n must follow doctor's prescriptions only.. ubat batuk tak pedas langsung!! rasa syrup.. tak feeling!! not relieving.... and makes me sleepy!! ok enough with complaining..

i'm feeling better today.. wat's d time now? it's 7am.. can u believe i spend my Saturday with sleeping d whole day.. and i cant eat anything but the pills only.. but i drink a lot of air kelapa.. kesian arisara :( mama will get something nice to eat later k baby..

okeh.. let's start with citer best..

Last Thursday, I spend d whole day with spring cleaning (1 of the reason dmam brtambah teruk) hey.. i dun have a maid okiess.. n i dun trust my husband to do house chores.. wakaka.. later i end up nit to do it all over again.. hmmm... sory syg but u dont have the talent kemas rumah like i did.. i ni hotel standard tawuuuu... ;p

So that night when my husband ask me where to have dinner.. ofcoz i wud say .. let's fatty crab!! i used to hate crab because leceh nak makan n i dont find it delicious n tasty enough for me to sit down-n patiently crack the crab.. sooo troublesome.. but when my angah treat us to fatty crab few years ago.. evrything turns up side down.. huhu.. i'm a crab lover!!

Fatty crab ni only open 6pm onwards.. so it's only for dinner.. chinese restaurant.. the service sgt cpat cuma yg tak brape best u have to queue for tables.. (giler ramai okeh.. siap ada bas persiaran bawak tourist makan kat sini)

the specialty is ofcoz chili crab, nasi goreng (crius sdap giler) n roti bakar utk cicah dgn kuah crab tu... so basically biasenyer ni jer yg kitorg order.. air lak.. wajib chinese tea ;) f.y.i chinese tea ngan kuah chili crab tu refillable..

Since pregnant, i always want to eat here.. almost every week boleh nampak muka kitorg kat kedai cina ni.. i dah boleh kenal waiter2 keje kat situ.. ahaha..

Dear Mr Crab.. i'm really sorry, i'm one of million reasons you n your populations get hunt everyday and served on my plate.. i pray for u and the rest of your clan.. rest in peace...

erkh... this pic makes me salivate and craving for more!! sigh....


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