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A letter from a brother

It's my 1st day in college, 1st time away from my parents.. 
My brother wrote me a letter.. A letter that guide me, all the way up until today.. :)
Surat ni dah 9 years.. still i keep it properly.. it's 1 of my treasure that i'll keep forever :)

Dear Hidayah,

Congratulations on your next step toward being who you will be.
You will no longer be just a daughter and sister, but a member of society and an individual.
No longer can anyone dictate what you want to be or do, but bear in mind there are people who are concern and love you.
Do not break their heart en route to wherever you’re heading
Be wise, not clever.
Listen before you judge/decide
Respect people and you’ll be respected

Take care of yourself above else,
Do into others how others should to you

Those are some imparting words; I hope you’ll keep at heart

Remember that the next three years will be among the significant years of your life
Do not waste it for anything lesser
There is so much in life for you to discover depends very much in this three years time

Do it right, do it well and most important

p/s you know where to find me when you need me


N I guess, that's what I do for all these years..

I love u Along!! xoxo

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