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p/s i love u!!


P/s I love you!!
Today I’m taking my 1st EL for this year.. My car break down- takleh start- mnyebabkan hubby kena amik cuti n pak mertua kena anta kami ke workshop.. ( I know I know.. u all akan kata ‘tu excuse jer.. nurul ponteng!!) ahaha.. betulllaaaa…
Sementara mnghantar kreta ke workshop, kami pun teruskan dgn melengkapkan dokumen2 untuk housing loan kami.. It is a buzy buzy day.. But we manage to settle all- repair keta, setelkan urusan bank, n by 4pm dah balik umah.. Resting..
I deliberately citer my activity today.. Coz I’m sure esok kawan2 akan perli2 saya kat ofis..ahaha.. I’m soo excited about our second house.. I always wanted a house with big lawn.. sebab I suka BBQ!! It’s a double story,corner lot house.. *wink wink* .. ohh.. itupun kalau loan kami ni lepas lah yer.. *pray hard*
The housing loan is under joint account.. Me with my hubby.. So the officer explain to us about the MRTA.. The officer ask if we want to make it 50-50 or 100% which only cover for 1 applicant.. 50-50 means if something happen to me, hubby will need to pay half of the loan.. if 100% we need to choose it’s either me or him.. E.g. if it was me.. Then if something happen to me, then hubby no nit to pay a single cents for the house.. But if something happen to him *touch wooooddd* I have to bear all the loan.. (Coz they can cover for 1 person only).. N guess wat?? Instead of 50-50.. He choose for 100% covering him.. Means if something happen to him- I’m not liable for the house.. How sweet!! He put me on top of everything else… *really touch*
oo.. kitorg juga pergi serbu ofis ibu.. ingat nak kidnap dia bawak gi makan.. tapi ibu super busy today.. we all kena tapau old town mee curry ngan oreo ice blended jer utk ibu.. :( hehe.. adoii.. dah laa kitorg ni tak gi keje, pastu pi ofis org lain lak kacau org keje.. ngeh ngeh ngeh.. sowyy ibu... ;p
Europe Tour J
Can I squeeze in citer pasal Europe tour here?? Hehe.. Most of my friends knows how crazy I am with P/s I love u movie.. I make them watch it!! Farah sampai mcm nak muntah2 evrytime dtg umah i.. mesti tgk layan citer ni *especially if Mr faiz takde*
I have no idea y I’m soo into this movie.. Until farah point out to me.. ‘I know y u love d movie so much.. Coz this guy mcm faiz’… ahaha now makes sense.. I njoy watching coz the movie remind me so much about him!! – Not d looks laa.. But d way they fight-the way they make up after fight.. N d craziness about him..
The movie was shot on locations in Ireland.. The view is breathtaking and I told myself.. “I must go there!!” So when I book the ticket to London I make up my mind and choose Ireland over Paris!! ( Paris is not my kota cinta!!) So our trip to Europe for the very first time will only cover England-Scotland and Ireland!! Lagipun cik Arisara too small to undrstnd.. N we promise her we will bring her to Paris on our next trip (ofcoz to Disneyland!!) err.. Wait till u 4 k my darling Arisara?? J
Okeh.. nisak.. I dah tukar lagu2 tu (nisak kata lagu2 puff daddy n pappa bear tak best) soo layan jer soundtrack p/s I love u ni k.. ke tak best gak?? Ahaha.. alaa.. silent kan jer laa..k ? ;p
The Parcel is here!!
Saya membeli barang online lagii (i believe this is the last-coz i’m saving for our trip now!) ia adalah botol2 susu MAM.. Sgt2 cute.. n parcel en faiz juga sampai pada masa yg sama (he redeem his cc points for Tupperware..) of coz la Tupperware to saya juga yg pilih J ..
Esok keje 1 ari, then cuti lagi.. Annual leave for medical checkup.. ish ish.. ada glucose test!! (takutnyerrr) n esok mlm no dinner for me.. kena puasa ;(


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