Bridezilla's First Aid Kit

Birth Story Part 1

7th April 2011, 8am, 

That day is just a normal day to us. Hubs went to work as usual and me doing my routine, cleaning the house. Suddenly I feel wet, I wonder if my water just broke? Yet I don’t feel any pain.. I wonder if this is the birth sign. 

I called my husband to let him know but I assure him that I will be okay and he doesn’t have to come home. I remembered Doc Seri told me that I will have the contraction and it is kind of sharp pain every 5 minutes.

My worried husband came back after 1 hour and insists me to go change; we are going to the hospital. I am reluctant at first but to be safe than sorry, I agreed.

Arriving in Prince Court at 11 am, the nurses there looked panic when I told them my water just broke. They get me a wheelchair and everything and everyone is moving so fast, and talk very fast too.. haha.. Honestly, I am blurred!

This is me in the labor room. I am already feeling excited to meet Sara.
Around 2 pm, Doc Tan checked if I am dilating and she told us that we are going to have our baby.. Before 5pm today.. Haha how do you feel when someone told you that.. I am so unprepared.. But to be honest we are so excited! Jeez.. We didn’t bring our camera and the phone is running out of power. Erk!!

tak sakit ponnnn... isi borang dulu!!

2.30pm: I’m already in operation theater, everything is too fast, we dun even have a time to think or to make any phone calls.. I was given epidural that makes me feel numb on my lower body part.. Husband is already change to operation’s uniform tu.. aww awak nmpak mcm doctor la yang... so hawwttt!! Hehe..  I can see his face sgtlah cuak- but ofcoz if u all tnya dia, dia xkan mngaku.. ;p he hold my hand very tight n firm.. With him around, I just know everything is going to be just fine..

2.51pm: We heard Arisara cried.. Gosh.. I can’t describe how I feel.. But I’m sure all mothers will feel the same.. I almost cry, n when I look at her,  she is 1 perfect healthy baby, I can’t express  how I feel..Rasa syukur sgt2.. She can’t be any cuter..
hot from the oven ; p

3pm: hubby do his part as a father-recite azan n qamat.. sgt touching when I heard him crying.. Trying to finish the azan.. hmm.. Those moments are truly priceless..

4.30pm: saya dihantar ke wad saya.. n hubby buat surprise lak for booking suite for me : ) sgt selesa syg.. I love u!!

5.30pm: guess who is the 1st person yg dtg? The godmother Off course!.. Mir is d 1st who came.. Sgt2 relieved to have her around.. My parent is on the way, and my in laws will come after work so does my brothers and Arisara godmothers Alin n Mun..

6pm: Arisara dihantar kepada saya.. It’s bonding time for us..Can’t believe I’m a mother now.. It is not a dream nurul.. U r a mother!!  : ) .. N kesan bius dah mula ilang.. n barula I rasa labor pain yg terbaik dari ladang.. ahaha.. n skarang baru saya tau.. SAKITNYER BERANAK!!


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