Bridezilla's First Aid Kit

Birth Story Part 3

It’s my 3rd day as a mama.. I legitimately feel I’m a good mother until that night.. Arisara can’t stop crying n me don’t know how to handle her, I became panic ~ I checked everything.. Diapers, swaddle her, sapu night balm, baby oil.. but she refuse to breastfeed..  Even my mom don’t know what to do.. So in the middle of the night we have to call the nursery.. The nurse come over to take her to the nursery.. She’s crying her lungs out like she knows she was taken away..
Uhhh... don't ask me how I feel.. I was crying n couldn’t sleep at all... how could I let somebody else taking care of my baby? How would they handle her? Will them be gentle to her or force her to sleep? Ishhh..  Seriously it’s heartbreaking.. : (

Haishh macam mana saya mau pegi keje ni?  Baru macam ni dah nak emo2 huhu ;p
~abis luahan prasaan~

3rd day menu.. nyummy!!
Third day tu, Sabtu so lebih bnyak visitor pada ari itu.. yg dtg bnyak kali ofcoz la godmothers Arisara kan.. Mummy Mir N Ibu Alin.. Ummi on that Sat so she come over  on Sunday ;p N bile godmothers ader.. ofcoz la saya leh berdating2 berduaan dgn hubby saya di ruang tamu..I’m 100% certain that Arisara is well taken care of by the godmothers kan..ahaha (amik kesempatan skit)

Slain godmothers, Arisara cousin sisters pun dtg juga.. (Mentang2 rumah dkat ari2 ajak ayah diorg dtg tgk Arisara : ) ) Humaira,Husnina n Huwaida.. My darling angels : )

The bad news is, Arisara ade sikit ‘kuning’ blood test shows 150 if I’m not mistaken, n if the next day bacaan more than 200, then dia kena duduk bawah lampu.. haaa??!! (nurse amik dia sekejap pun mama dah nanges, ni nak letak anak bawah lampu 1 ari?? Mau mama meroyan!!) ;p be continued................
Arisara dah start quek2.. ;p


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