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Meatloaf Mystyle

1st day cuti n I’m already becoming a couch potato.. ahaha.. Spending d whole day watching asian food network n suddenly become overzealous to make a meatloaf..

Boy meets grill by Bobby Flay today is making roasted vegetable meatloaf with balsamic glaze. It really makes me drool so I print out the recipe n wait for hubby to come home for some grocery shopping..

Oleh kerana I bising2 di FB mau minum goldrush honeycomb di Dome, so Mr Faiz budget we all makan luar ari ni.. N ofcoz balik with perut kosong.. But yer.. To support bini punye pasal.. dia rela jer tunggu saya siapkan meatloaf n isi perut dgn durian jer.. hikhik..

Meatloaf ni siap dekat nak 2 jam k.. By the time my oven bunyik TING!! My hubby already fall asleep, n I tak sampai ati nak kejut dia.. : ( So he will brings the meatloaf to the office for breakfast.. : )

Dear friends, rasa meatloaf ni serius sgt sedap.. So I will suggest U guys try buat k.. (serius nih) aperr?? U all cakap I prasan??!! Hey.. Come to my house n rasa laa!! .. ahaha

Roasted Vegetable Meatloaf with Apple Vinegar Glaze


3 sudu besar Olive Oil
1 large zucchini-diced *x jumpa zucchini-so I replace with English cucumber*
1 red n yellow bell pepper-diced *capsicum laaa*
5 ulas garlic-ketuk2 je
½ sudu the red pepper flakes *thanx god Domino’s red pepper flakes bnyak lagi!!* ;D
Garam n black pepper to taste
2 biji telur *I guna 3*
1 sudu besar daun thyme segar *kat jusco ade jual-if tak jmpa guna yg dlm botol pun ok kott*
¼ cup chopped parsley leaves
1kg minced meat * guna brand ramly*
1 cup Japanese bread crumbs
½ freshly grated Parmesan
1 cup sos tomato
¼ cup plus 2 sudu bsr balsamic vinegar *tak jumpa balsamic so I guna apple vinegar*


Panaskan oven 250 deg Celsius

Panaskan minyak n tumiskan zucchini, peppers, garlic,1/4 spoon red pepper flakes, garam n black pepper, cook almost soft for 5 minutes n set aside to cool.

Whisk telur,n daun herba dlm mangkuk besar. Masukkan smua bahan2- daging,bread crumbs,cheese,sos tomato,2 sudu besar vinegar, n vegetables yg kite tumis tadi. Mix until just combined- pakai tangan jer

Bentukkan meatloaf dekat tray pembakar (alas dgn baking sheet so tak melekat kat tray nnt)

Buat sos- sos tomato, vinegar n red pepper flakes whisk together n sapukan diatas meatloaf yg kite dah bentukkan tadi.

Bakar dalam oven untuk 1 jam 40 min.

Biar meatloaf sejuk sebelum potong n hidang..

Hohoho.. I’m d next Bobby Flay!! (Meatloaf I lagi cantek dari meatloaf dia taw!!) hwa hwa hwa… I feel goooooddd!!! ;p


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