Bridezilla's First Aid Kit

Saya happy untuk awak! :)

Hubby just called, Syukur alhamdulillah this year his performance is exceeded so dapat increment yg exceeded gak laa.. Thank God.. He call it rezeki baby- but I wont call it that.. U deserve it sayang- U go to work even when U r really sick, U are on d phone with office even when U are in vacation (n u have to deal with my sulking face after that), U bring home your work n stay late at night to meet the deadline, N I know sometimes u skip your lunch just to get the job’s done.

I know how much U love ur job n U wouldn’t mind spending 7 days a week for it. But, pls take care of yourself.. We love u..

Last month alone, Doctor issued him 4 days MC, n he is taking, NONE.. So I guess everything is paid off now, right syg? I pray u will get that ‘position’ soon, I pray for your health and success.. , I pray for our happiness… amin!!

Psstt.. Can I quit my job already?... ahaha I’m making Strawberry bread pudding for u..
come home fast! xoxo : )


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