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Bibik wanted

Mencuri masa utk menulis blog!! Takde masa but have to!! HAVE TO!! I dun want to miss a single wonderful things happen to our life.. Arisara wud read this someday, knowing she was loved by me n her papa.. No matter how much she hate us in future (teenage rebellion-at some point she will), She will read this n will understand y we do wat we do.. How we care, concern n worried about her, how we want only the best for her!!
We are looking up n down for a nanny; someone who will loves her n take good care of her. It’s not easy, as we need to trust others to take care of our baby, but we simply have no choice- I just can’t give up my job yet, not now..  We need to strengthen ourselves, economically and financially first, posses more-in plan asset then only I can reconsider to give up my job..
Back to in-search-for-a-good-nanny, I prefer someone who comes to our house to babysit Arisara. We babyproofing the house to make sure everything is safe n secure for her. N I can’t bear to wake her up as early as 6am to send her ke rumah nanny. Err.. Yes, I dun think ade yang sanggup come to our house just to babysit Arisara, so we opt to hire a maid.. Already check a few agent..  I think by end of next month the bibik will arrive.. Hopefully can get someone who loves children.. Lucky me cuti for 3 months, atleast i can monitor the bibik n train her sikit2..
Labor Day
Cuti lama, so ari pun boleh lupe.. sangat terkejut bila abang2 pulang ari isnin.. huhu.. selamat hari pekerja smua!! Cousin2 Arisara semuanyer ada, berkumpul kat rumah nenek ni.. I can’t remember when is d last time smua berkumpul skali macam ni.. Everybody is bz bz bz..  Atuk n nenek yg d most happy.. N obviously Arisara pun happy skali.. She behave very well dlm swing dia sambil dilayan oleh cousin2.. N mama can get some rest too.. ;p
Arisara sangat happy sampai mengigau2 k.. At 3 am, dia ketawa terkekek2.. bukan smile taw.. tapi she’s laughing actually.. It’s her 1st time laughing mcm tu.. Err..Sara kamu buat mama seram,.. tolong la jgn gelak mcm tu pagi2 buta.. aishhh...
Mama starts packing.. We r going home!! Papa balik mlm nnt trus fetch kite balik rumah!! Nenek keep pujuk mama to stay.. But papa have to work tomorrow.. So mmg kena balik mlm ni jugak.. Nenek will miss u a lot.. N mama know how sad she is now.. : ( sunyilaa rumah ni if sara takde.. nenek said.. We will come as often as we can k mak..
Okeh .. Have to finished packing.. my dear hubby, be home safe k!! Love u!!


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