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It’s been a while..

It’s been a while since I shop till drop for shoes n dresses..
It’s been a while since I have countless of high heels..
It’s been a while since I put on my heels..
It’s been a while since I put on my make up..

Ye.. It’s been a while now.. Remembering my awesome teenage years, kind of missing my life back then.. I love all the love notes from the admirers.. *in d end I fall in love with someone who never give me any love notes or cards.. Ever!!* I kind of missing my heels collections *flip flop everywhere now* I kind of missing hubby jeles2.. *now dia bole gelak2 je if org kacau i.. ; ( * Kind of missing shop till me drop for clothing *now more shop till drop for household*

Ok.. Enough with stroll down memory lane.. I’ve been there, done that!! No regret.. I move on to another phase of life.. An adult life.. *I’m sure 10 years from now, I will miss my life with baby Sara* 

Smalam we go out just the 2 of us.. Baby Sara tinggal dgn bibik.. So we had a chance to talk.. Looking back for the past 10 years, we gone thru our period of life together.. We evolved together.. Both of us.. We have no regret.. We love our life.. We just love the way it is.. Everything went smoothly.. As smooth as O’Briens coffee!! Ahaha..

Sebenarnyer nak citer pasal outing smalam jer.. pegi OU lagi.. dah lama tak shopping baju.. kenapa ter scroll down memory lane? Pasal smalam carik baju me n hubby.. Both of us dah tambah 1 lagi size.. (naik pangkat).. So mcm remembering back our teenage years when the tummy is flat laa.. N konon2 hot!! Ahaha..

First time try O’Briens, coffee dia tak best sgt.. Ok ok ajer.. Triple decker sandwich agak best.. *ada org carik dome kat OU.. N 1st time la dia tak heran Nampak starbucks*

Entry ni mengarut to bit.. time kasih kerna abiskan masa mmbaca.. daaa...


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