Bridezilla's First Aid Kit


Alhamdulillah, finally settle gak loan rumah ni.. just receive calls from the branch.. after 6 months waiting, the house is finally ours :)
we don't plan to move in anytime soon.. since the location is hot hot hot, we will rent it out for $ $ $ :)
Anak ramai skit baru move in kot.. for now we will live here, so we can teach Sara how to swim,  we can walk to jusco for grocery, hubby can walk to range n hit some balls, n us can walk to sports center for badminton..

N us get addicted to buy more property.. slow down sist!! hehe.. Real estate is the most profitable indeed..
We never plan to get a fancy car- we hate depreciation ;p
Our next wishlist is a house in Alam Budiman :) insyaallah ;p
Now.. need to korek here n there for 10% deposit n lawyer fees..

S&P should be ready by this week.. will take out my kwsp in acct 2.. n Arisara can u lend us some $$?


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