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We booked a flight ticket to Stansted 30/10-9/11 (11 days) , little that we know they did not provide bassinet for those who fly with infant.. I thought it will be provided since we also need to pay for an infant.. hish.. In 1 flight ada 3 aje bassinets provided n itupun kat hot seat..

We already pay for pick a seat which cost us rm40 each.. N now we need to upgrade to hotseat (coz nak guna bassinet) which will cost us rm110 each.. *so now u understands knape kat atas tu ada….sigh…)*
Nooo.. Not finish yet.. From KL-STD, yes we manage to get a hot seat with bassinet, but for STD-KL all hot seat with bassinet is fully booked.. giler hape nak pegang Sara 14 jam dlm flight?

Sooo.. got no choice, We have to extend our return flight to 13/11 so we can get a seat with the bassinet (n more time jejalan).. N ofcoz la got another 1k charged for tukar flight.. ishh.. So now we know how air asia makes money.. Well I dun blame them though.. It’s my fault for not asking (their careline rm1.95 per mnt kott) nasebb ada member stewardess air asia hee.. ;p percuma jer jadii cust service kan ? ;p
 So those yg ada plan nak travel with infant, cop tempat yg ada bassinet cepat2 eh.. J


  1. mmg pandai la airasia buat duit.
    nasib ada tips psl ni, kalau tak i pun menonong je beli tiket tak tau pape. haha

  2. ohh i wish somebody have told me too.. time beli tiket sara kat kaunter, girl tu kata first come basis.. tipu ajer ;(

  3. hi there.. thanks for sharing..!


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