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Red Velvet Cake


Yeay!! I'm still good in the kitchen despite the fact that bibik run the household and preparing our food for the past 1 month.. I tot spatula pun I dah tak knal.. hehe.. I always loves to cook.. but i'm just being human.. if someone can do for u, y must u go thru any hassle? order je la..
Ok.. hubby is not complaining yet.. ++ bibik masak very the nyummy.. gerai class!! hikhik..
Time confinement ari tu.. Hubby penah perli2 I.. wats d purpose him buying me oven n mixer? n he said.. mcm tringin red velvet cake.. (i buat2 tak paham jer) ok yang.. i got it..
Lucky me, his fren, sist azian is kind enough to share the recipe in her blog.. many2 thanx kak yan!! it is sooo damn nyummy (tak nyummy mcm kak yan buat laa)
I share the link here..
got many other nyummy recipe that u can try.. if malas buat, another option is : order ajer laa dgn dia.. :D


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