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Swensen's Review

The last time I have my ice cream n dine in here was 10 years ago, with my brothers. I guess this is their fav spot (in particularly Along), coz whenever we go out this is the place to eat.. I hardly remember how good the food here, but I am quite clear the ice cream is nyummy2..  It's been a while since i last be a spoil lil sister begging for ice cream ;p

Cookies Monster - Blended Oreo with espresso
Okla.. tak WOW pun...

Arabiatta Penne- Sangat pedas tapi nyum nyum :)

Sirloin Steak- biase2 ajer

Prawn Fruit Salad

Hellooo.. we need a table of 4 la..

The ambiance- Relaxing, cozy atmosphere


  1. sedap ke? suka baca, ada blogger tu takde idea nak buat blog. kamu buat xtvt seni dgn mama kamu dia pun sibuk cite xtvt seni dgn papa dia.. ok bai.

  2. tak sedap sgt.. biase je.. sape ni? seni apa? ishh tak paham laa.. u ckp pasal i ke?

  3. ooo dah guna kupon itu.. :D

  4. i'm nobody.. keep up, nice blog. so sick of some bloggers copy and paste article from google or other's blog and claim as their least restructure balik ayat before publish,chow!

  5. hmm.. to me, no prob if nak amik article org lain as a reference, but pls bg credit to tht person laa.. nak mngaku as own idea tu mmg shameless la kan.. hope u can drop ur name nex time.. thanx btw :)


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