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Delifrance bistro

Date: 13/7/2011
Venue: Delifrance Midvalley


Hari Green di Delifrance, wear anything green n u are entitle to a free meal with purchase of main course
Me in green.. hubby says blue but as long as the waiter agree it is green then who cares kan?
hehe.. it's a great deal tau.. tapi tak sure promo smpai bile..

With purchase of Lamb stew yg sgt juicy n nyummy tu we get free Seafood Spaghetti <another option is rice with green curry> ,  salad <or soup> and ice lemon tea
The lamb stew price is about rm23.90 aje

And free cheese tart if u order any coffee of your choice
yg kanan tu is a lobster bisque n croissant
d croissant sgt lembut n buttery ( my own term)
but d lobster bisque tu mmg tak le blah.. u just imagine aje la sup udang bau camner.. 
chef recommendations taw.. but for those yg larat hadap laa..


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