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Happy Bday Along, Happy 3 Months Arisara

Date: 9 JUL 2011
Venue:Rumah Mak n Abah Banting

Number 7 is very significant to me.. all the good things happen on 7th- hubby fav number is 7, Arisara was born on 7th April, Maybank claims credited on 7th, My fav bro birthday is on 7th July.. blablabla.. I can make another long entry kalau citer pasal number 7 ni.. ;p

It's a small celebrations, our family (minus angah n alang) just to celebrate Along's birthday n Arisara turns 3 months old.. yahooo( end of 1st quarter) She can roll now.. The cake was choosen by my 1st niece- Humaira.. At 3 months,my apple dah pandai golek sana golek sini.. well... Emily Arisara is definitely an apple of our eyes :)


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