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Sayang Manis

This is the place where we lepak after school.. slalunye with nora and akma.. miss this place so much
if u all turun banting can come n eat here.. best..
mcd, kfc, pizza, oldtown, secret recipe etc etc tu kat mana2 ada..
y dun u try sumting 'local' kan..

Cheese Baked Rice with Chicken

Chicken Crepe (hubby loves it)

The price is reasonable- baked rice tu rm12.90, chicken crepe tu rm7.90
nyummmeehhh!! :p


  1. waaa..dah lama tak lepak makan kat sayang manis ni..dulu tempat makan paling class ni jer la kan hehehe

  2. true2.. joom cafe n buggy cafe pun best gak.. tapi tutup.. sob sob :(


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