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Troubles with Air Asia

We booked a flight ticket to Stansted dated 30/10/2011.. As usual we already make a travel plan and the connecting flight to Belfast and Edinburgh is already paid.

About a month ago, we feel disturbed with air asia announcement that they are no longer fly to stansted w.e.f  24/10/2011 – they have move to Gatwick. Personally I think the move to Gatwick is cool.. But for those who already make a travel plan (like me) – whom already book for connecting flights, hotel, car rent n even parking lots.. How? Will they be compensating for their loss?

I rage in AA facebook fan page n not only me k.. With a few <hundreds> I think..

I receive an email- a simple one- just a simple notification..

Dear Guest,

Please be informed that effective from 24th October 2011, AirAsia X will move our operations to Gatwick Airport, and we will no longer arrive into or depart from Stansted Airport.

Please be informed that we will be sending individual notifications to all guests affected by this move, based on your different flight dates, via email and SMS. 
The email notices will also outline the various service recovery options.

In order to avoid undue congestion and delays in replying to your queries, we request that you contact us for any queries you may have, only after you have received your individual notice.
AirAsia X

So hubby makes a phone call to their freaking expensive care line

Hubby: I nak check status booking L******

Operator: oo.. flight ke Langkawi ye encik?

Hubby: No….I nak check my flight from stansted transferred to Gatwick..what happen?

Operator: kite takde flight ke Gatwick encik.. hanya ke stansted

Haishhh punye blur operator tu k.. Wasting our bills.. cess.. In d end his answer was.. We do not compensate our passengers as it’s already stated in our T&C blab la bla..

So I email to their cust care and the only options available is refund all my $$ back.. helllooooo how about the payment made to our connecting flights?? we talk about few hundreds pound sterling here!! times with 5 equal to my ringgit!!

Dear Nurul Hidayah Sharifuddin,
Thank you for emailing Air AsiaX.
With regards to your query, please be advise that we can offer full refund for your booking B45UUS (KUL-STN-KUL).The amount will be debited back to your credit card account and the process might take up to 14 working days.
Kindly reconfirm the with us of your preferred option.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused. We truly appreciate your valued patronage and we look forward to welcoming you back again soon.
Should you have further enquiries please feel free to email us at

Okey.. This time AA really plucking on my nerves..

So a series of email with threaten to bring this matter to FOMCA, Tribunal for consumer claim.. And take legal actions against them was sent.

The next day they reply my email with apologize and they will make an arrangement with easyjet to change my arrival airport.

Finally we feel relieve when we have this answer from easyjet..

Dear Mr Osman,

I am writing with regard to your easyJet booking E****** connected to your AirAsia flight. Due to recent schedule changes introduced by AirAsia it might no longer be convenient for you to fly from/to Stansted with easyJet and we would like to offer you a free of charge change to London Gatwick as your new destination/arrival airport for your easyJet flight(s).

We have tried to contact you over the phone in order to arrange a free of charge transfer for you to fly to/from London Gatwick. Due to the fact that we were unable to reach you we would kindly request you to contact easyJet call centre in order to make necessary alterations to your booking.

Please contact us over the phone under the following number: +44 843 104 5454. Calls to this number will be charged at 5 pence per minute plus network rate.
Our contact centre agents are available daily from 08:00 to 20:00 hours (UK local time).

Please be assured that our representatives will make all efforts to assist you and offer you a suitable alternative. For any additional information related to AirAsia schedule changes, please contact AirAsia.

Yours sincerely,

Jakub Zarkowski
easyJet Customer Service Representative

 Hopefully lepas ni takde apa2 issue lagi dgn AA.. hubby suggest us to take Royal Brunei or Qatar Airways lepas ni.. And yes thanx to AA yang finally makes an effort to assist those yg effected.. Lucky me we don’t pay for hotel n car rental yet.. if not tak tau la wat will happen.. hmmm….


  1. Eee tak bestnya problem2 camni bila nak bercuti kan? Tu pasal kitorg aritu semua beli last minute. Hehe.

    Have fun korang! I tak saber nak gi London lagi, utk shopping je hehehe.

  2. last minute nnt kang mahal pulak coz slalunyer beli awal2 ni cost saving skit.. hishh tgk baju azzhad yg selambak tu buat i gerrraamm nak shopping aje hikhik..
    1 day we go together2 k.. wait till sara n azzhad besar skit ;p

  3. Joh banyak kecoh. Benda kecik kecik mau kecoh.

  4. @Anonymousxcuse me.. if u r d one who is paying.. confrm i x kecoh.. ;-)


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