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Alan's farewell lunch

Alan is going back to UK.. We gonna miss him so much :( especially cik Mun kan.. :) hehe.. takpelah demi mencari rezeki kan.. so redha ajerlah k sis.. :) we are all here for u..

So here are some pic during our last lunch together.. *sad*

choc moist cake - alin

by chef willy - for each of us -takde refill.. ;(

mee bandung muar by mir ;p

cam whore di dining table

babai alan..


all of us + sara

buat giler jom!

alan: love is in d air ;p

sumting serius

taken by alan

camwhore lagi.. ;p

xbox kinect moment - tercungap2 main!! semput ahaha

I hate saying goodbye..  Mun is getting married this year.. n nnt ikut Alan skali gi sana.. ;( tsk tsk.. n Willy is going to Sydney soon.. tsk tsk.. korang ni dah takde keje best2 ke kat malaya ni??.. I pray for your happiness.. what best for u, best for me,& we will be happy for u guys..



  1. hai yana :) mmg bnyak food.. i tak masak ape2 pun.. hehe kawan2 yg masak ;p

  2. it is.. but no donut ;p ahaha (i'm doughnabalism remember?) ;p

  3. Replies
    1. it is.. super moist.. ish thinking of it now makes me salivate haha

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