Bridezilla's First Aid Kit

I need a break!

I was trying so hard to epitomize this unattainable ideal of wife-hood and motherhood and it’s started to take a toll on me now. I love my family very much but I guess I am just too tired. I need a break.

I was on MC from Thursday, and my husband is away for offshore. I am trying not to tell him how sick I was knowing he would go through all the hassles to come home (but eventually I did) . I assured him I’ll be alright and there’s nothing to worry about. Plus Mak and Abah are around to take care of us.

I recovered soon after and I am all ready to face my desk,* bring it on!*. Unfortunately Sara was infected by me. She had diarrhea and vomited so me and my mom bring her to DEMC. Doc supplied us with some medications, and I ran to McD on the way home for family big breakfast and porridge for Sara. 

Nursing a sick child is not easy. You have no idea how many time I need to change my clothes, to get her dress, to change her diaper, mopping, wiping, and changing our bed sheet.  It’s tiring and exhausting.

After sleepless night, I told myself, that’s it, you are not a supermom or superwoman.. You need your husband to be around.. You can’t do this alone. 

So that’s it.. I said to him..’ I am exhausted and I need my husband this instance!  Period! ’

He is coming back today and I had to fetch him in airport. I went out as soon as Sara falls asleep. I am pulling a sulking face wanted to let him know that I am mad at him and I can’t do this alone. He can’t leave me for straight 10 days just like that.. I am 7 months pregnant now.. How could he leave me?!! I know I always said, I’ll be fine, I can do this alone, but he should know me better.. He knew I am not used to do all this alone.  

As I reached the airport and saw him waiting for me with McD paper bag in his hand, I forgot how angry I am with him. Haha.. I don’t say a word.. Smiling and reaching for his hand and give him a hai hai kiss.. Gosh!! LOL.* I hate myself!*

We went to KIA again for some payment, and I can’t take my eyes of KIA forte koup. It is so stylish and sporty. Have you guys checked it out?  I guess it’s too obvious, my husband asked me if I wish to convert my GEN2 to this car. I think he knew I was mad at him but I just can’t say it because I am missing him so much.. And he will only be around until Thursday and off to platform again after that. Maybe…  
The offer was tempting though.. He only asked me to pay the same amount I pay for my Gen2 and the balance will be on him. *Droolllllll* We’ll see okay sayang.. I am still doing my thinking.. Don’t close the offer yet..  :)

Finally I have a time by myself now; my husband takes Sara to Ibu house so that Mak and I can take our rest. I hope tomorrow I can give my 100% at the office. Lots of things to be done.. Okay now.. What to cook for dinner?


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