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Our Must Go Places in Terengganu

We are falling in love with this place. We envy those who were born, live and raised here. How lucky they are living a vacation most of their lifetime (Life is unfair!!).  Personally, I just love the panorama, the food, the culture and the people here.
The people here are soft spoken; most of them are beautiful (you can see a lot of perempuan melayu terakhir here) Husband! Don’t look!! haha, and very friendly too. The food are variable, and we’ve been here like a million times (okay I am just being melodramatic) and yet there are still so many food to discover. Yes, a new food-for us to discover each and every time.
So we make a plan to live and grow old here after we retired from our loooonggg service. This place is a heaven! (I wish this place will remain the same in another 30 years) . Off course we said the same thing when we had our visit in Ireland, but.. let’s talk logic here okay.
We will normally stay in Awana Kijal or Swiss Garden Kuantan whenever we are in Terengganu. But this time around because of our ad-hoc decision, both were fully booked so we discover another great place to stay, Impiana Cherating.
So let me share our favorite places in Terengganu,

Pasar Payang

This is a heaven for those who love shopping. Pasar Payang is located in Kuala Terengganu which is about 200 kilometers away from Cherating. It is quite far I know, but it’s worth it. I am sorry that I only snap pictures of Batik crepe. This is because I do some shopping for Mir and she is soooo fussy, she makes me go back and forth for her Batiks… Thank God, we are able to make a video call in Pasar Payang! (Surprised) How cool is that?
So I bought a few Batik crepe (which Mir claim to be ‘cheap’) I don’t know what is the price like in KL, but the range is between RM250-RM600 here. According to the sellers here, the quality is the same, but the design and the motif will determine the price.
There are lots of other things here, like the coppers (I couldn’t find anything interesting for my dulang collections) , kaftan, the keropok and the toto, but I spend most of my time and cash buying Batik crepe.

Noor Arfa Batik (Kuala Terengganu)

Noor Arfa is a well known Batik’s manufacturer.  The concoction of their design is just drooling. They also have their own Batik Crepe here with the range of RM250-RMxxxx. Still expensive compared to Pasar Payang. (Yes it’s Noor Arfa.. people!!) . Not really a great place for shopping but I just love looking at their Batik’s invention.
I just grabbed a few kain batik sarung for souvenir. It’s cheaper than KL off course.

Natural Batik Village (Kemaman)

This is a number 1 in our my must go list. I love their Batik silk collections. I will never leave here empty handed.  You can also see and learn how to draw batik here. The paintings here is very eye catchy (I am not good in arts, so I can’t give any annotations here) and cheap.
Warung  Otak-otak Che Wan and Warung Aziz Satar

Both of these places located in Geliga. They are close to each other. The satar and the otak-otak here are simply the best. Personally I prefer the Satar from Che Wan and my husband preferences is Aziz Satar. So every time we are in Terengganu, we will come here and get our 1 week Satar and otak2 supply to bring home.
We have tried Pais Udang and Pais Ikan.. But we prefer satar and otak2 more. Ikan celup tepung is our latest discovery but too bad, it is not available yet when we went there. Apparently it’s for minum petang time..So next time maybe..
Kedai Keropok Cap Tenggiri

This shop is near the warung otak-otak che wan. We love the keropok lekor and its sauce. We also bought the keropok ikan, sate ikan, sotong kering etc here for our friends.
Hai Peng kopitiam (Kemaman)
I don’t know if it’s true or not but my husband told me they are the pioneer of kopitiam in Malaysia. Their coffee is the best. It’s a must drop by and you should try their toast bread, coffee (off course!) and nasi lemak.. nyum nyum!!
Another place to go is Tong Juan which is famous for its stuffed crab, but we are too full to have lunch here. Thanks to the heavy breakfast in Hai Peng.
So I hope you can go visit all these places whenever you are in Terengganu. And yes, we will come back to Terengganu next month Insyaallah for our ikan celup tepung! : )


  1. terengganu mmg best..keropok lekor terbaik terutama sos dia..nyum3..lamanya tk pegi terengganu..huk3..rindu nk makan kopok lekor, ikan,udang,sotong celup tepung kt tepi pantai..

  2. Daya..Tong Juan also known for their chili crab. Best tau..
    Next time gi kat marang..ada keropok stall 007..tu antara yg terbaik in KT..

    Hai Peng tu mmg terbaik but the best coffee powder kat tmpt lain. Tau kan Hai Peng ada branch kat KL yang dekat dgn Seri Maya tu..


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