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Birth Story - Noah Iskandar Bin Muhammad Faiz

Alhamdulillah.. All well ends well!!

We finally bring our baby boy, Noah home! After a week in the hospital, we are getting home sick, and it is such a relieved to be at home-At last!

As soon as we announce that we expecting a baby, well-meaning folk start giving us advice about all sorts of thing. From what to eat in pregnancy, how we should decide on a name for our future offspring to confinement do’s and don’ts.  We appreciate all the advice given – thank you. 

So here is our story, 


I should admit to the hospital that day but I am just too lazy to pack my bag. It’s already 5pm and we are still at home. Until the nurse from doctor Seri office called to check if we are coming, then only we make our move!. 

Arriving at 7pm, our suite is not ready yet. The housekeepers are busy preparing the towel, toiletries, and the bed sheet.  Once they are done, it’s disappointed to find that there is no pillow case for the pillows, no remote control for both TV, and there is no water plug for the bath tub. They tried to find the pillow case- there was none until the next day and they couldn’t find the water plug until the day we discharged!

Other than that, the suite is great. It is big enough for all of us. There is a bedroom with the bathroom for Emak and Sara, and hubby can have the living room all for himself and my room of course with a huge bathroom. Like it? No... I love it! *Thank you sayang- you know this means a lot to me!*


Around 10am, the godmothers are already here. Mun bring her Polaroid camera and we took a lot of pictures. It was fun; we even considered to buy our own Polaroid camera. Mun and Mir entertained Sara while my hubs and I prepared to go in operation theatre. 

11:40am: We are already in OT. I was given the epidural. My husband look calmed and relaxes with this whole procedure- I guess he already know what to expect. We heard Noah cried at 12.40 pm.. Doc Seri said to me ‘you make a wise decision mummy!! Your little hero is pretty big here’.. He is 3.61kg, have my eyes and his papa nose. He is a very loud baby! Well..He is my dragon baby boy after all.


2pm: I’m already in my bed. The nurse brings Noah to me for breastfeeding. He was an excellent nurser. He never had any trouble latching on, and it was wonderful for both of us.

We always worried on how Arisara’s reacted and how is her acceptance towards her baby brother. I guess she is well prepared for this. We don’t see any sibling rivalry symptom and she loves Noah very much. She sometimes calls him baby, adik, or Noah. She cried when Noah was taken to the nursery and always asked us to take her to nursery to see Noah. She’s such an angel!


When you have your baby, and if you are exclusively breastfeeding, your doctor will probably warn you about newborn jaundice. We can see Noah have a yellowish tint to his skin. The doctor advises us to stay so they can monitor him. His bilirubin test is 200 mmol/L and increase to 205 mmol/L on the next day.  We need to put him under the bili lights and on a bili blanket. 

Since he was on the lights, I wouldn’t be able to nurse him the entire time. Thank god I bring my breast pump so I can give the expressed breast milk to Noah. Our room is quite far from the nursery, so I only went there about twice a day to breast feeding Noah.

On the same day, the surgeon, Doc Faizal comes to see us to discuss about Noah circumcision. He explained to us on the procedure, and the plus side of infant circumcisions. After we agreed, he ran the procedure on the same day at 6pm. We are not allowed to see on how the procedure is done.

Noah seems fine when we go to the nursery to check on him 2 hours later. It is a relieved that the nurses are there to take care of him. They are the experts on newborn circumcision care. They assured us that everything is okay and not to worry too much.


Noah has his BCG vaccination that day; he is a strong boy isn’t he? To be on the lights, get circumcised and now BCG, I just think it is too much for 6 days baby but he prove to us he is the hero of the family. He really makes us proud. Noah’s paed, Doc Sharmilla told us Noah’s bili level dropped to 160 and we can finally go home! Yeay!!

We are getting home sick and we can’t wait to bring Noah home to start living as a family of 4! 

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah for all your blessings Ya Allah.


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