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Preparing The Big Sister

We are expecting our second baby soon. Our first son!. Arriving of a new born will be a special moment to any parents. However in our case, Arisara is a little too young to have a little brother. We are aware that a very special attention is needed here. She is too fragile and it will not easy for her to see Mama holding a new baby.  We don’t want her to feel neglected and unwanted. So we try to nurture her to develop a sense of a responsibility and love for her little brother.


To ease the transitions for her to become a big sister, we explained to her that we are expecting a baby boy soon. We bought a new car seat and stroller for her and asked for her permission to give the old one to Noah. She starts to sit in normal chair instead of her highchair during meal time and she is aware that the chair is now for Noah. So far she seems to be okay, but I am not sure how she will react when she saw Noah’s sleep and sit in the place once used belong to her. 


 I don’t know if this helps or not, but we bought her hamsters and Baby Alive to develop that responsibility, love and care in her. We let her played and feed the hamsters, and we explained to her that hamsters are a living thing and they have feelings too, they can feel the pain, happy and sad. Alhamdulillah, she never try to catch and squeeze this little creatures, in fact when we went  to Atuk house in Meru, She politely watch and adore the hamster when other kids are brutally smacked and shake the cage in excitements. 

Baby Alive is her favorite toys currently. She feed her and changed her diaper. She also brings her doll in a stroller everywhere. When I say everywhere, literally I mean it, everywhere, Atuk house, Prince Court, The Mall, Everywhere!

Pregnancy Check-Up

We bring Sara for my pregnancy check up every month. Doctor Seri is kind enough to show and explain to her how her little brother’s doing inside Mama’s womb. She listens to Noah’s heart beat and she understands that Mama is carrying a baby. Depending on her mood, she will normally happy to see Noah. She loves to hold my belly and call it Adik.

The godmothers are helping too! Their undivided attentions for Sara do helps a lot in this transitions. They came for out last check up in Prince Court and patiently waited for us to hear the good news. They are the first to know when Noah’s birth date is. 

New Big Sister Gift

We are buying her Samsung Note 10.1 as the gift from little Noah.  It should be given to her on the day Noah’s arrives but apparently we are too excited and already give it to her in advance. LOL. She enjoyed it very much. Knowing how much she loves interactive devices, we know this is the perfect gift for the big sister!


We planned to bring her to Disneyland Paris when she is 4. But knowing the facts that I will be on C-sect and most of my time will be in bed, breast feeding Noah and I can no longer pay my full attention to Sara, so we have decided to bring her to Disneyland Tokyo and Insha’Allah, Universal Studio Osaka too this April. I guess me and Noah will take our own sweet time strolling down the park enjoying the cherry blossom season when Sara and Papa are having fun with all the games.

Her godfather-to-be, Uncle Alan is back from UK and he gets Arisara a warmer and cute hat and mitten which perfectly to be use in Japan this coming April. Lovely!

Some told us that we are buying the love. But I guess this is the price that our kids deserved for not seeing and being with their Mom and Dad for almost 10 hours a day. We had to go out and work. We don’t have much choice aren’t we? There’s a bills to pay and mouth to feed. We are very sure that we don’t spoil our kids. We give and educate. We set some rules and guidelines for them to follow. We can see how well behaved Arisara turns out to be, so we are pretty sure that we are in the right track.Insha’Allah.


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